Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 108

Chapter 108: This Is a Punishment~

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"Fallen angel in white" After hearing such a nickname, Seijis expression was blank.

After thinking it over, he felt that he understood what had probably happened. Even though Kaede always acted politely on the surface, she was still the daughter of a mafia family!

Seijis deepest impression of her was the scene where shed loudly lectured the black-suited men Or, to be more specific, this scene in combination with her shy and embarrassed behavior right after. It was such a huge contrast...

Those who visited her office driven by the desire to meet a beautiful teacher probably received polite treatment at first. However, once it became clear that they had no physical or mental problems at all, Kaede would be incensed, and they probably received vicious lectures.

The contrast was almost as huge as Jekyll and Hyde. This, in combination with her beautiful appearance, meant it was almost impossible for her not to leave the male students with a deep impression. In fact, some of them were currently feeling a mix of emotions.

Seijis understood this phenomenon as cuteness from unexpectedness.

Perhaps some idiots would be enchanted by this. They might even fall in love with her special charisma, awaken new interests, and open the door to a whole new world of masochism, or something similar.

Well, it has nothing to do with me.

Seiji didnt care whatsoever about the other boys whod received their just desserts for queueing up solely for the purpose of meeting Kaede.

Personally, he felt like such a type of cuteness was alright in 2-D, but in reality Well, as long as he wasnt the target of the insults, it was probably still acceptable.

As for Mika and Chiakis reaction to this

"That Juumonji-san had such a side to her?" The pigtailed girl was shocked.

"Heh heh~~ It seems quite interesting, Seigo. Lets go experience it together!" The tomboy flashed a brilliant smile."As your good friend, I should go and greet Mikas foremost competitor!"

"Chiaki!" Mika protested angrily.

Thats how it was.

At any rate, today was a peaceful day at school as well.

After school.

Seiji headed to the confectionery store.

After he arrived, he was called to Rikas office as hed expected.

"Thank you so much, Haruta-kun."

After seeing him, Rika Amami bowed in thanks to Seiji.

"If it wasnt for you, I dont know how bad things may have turned out I cant believe I didnt notice that their family was"

Rikas expression was filled with regret.

She blamed herself for failing to notice the abnormalities within her own older brothers family.

"If only I paid more attention in the past, I could have detected it, but I didnt care about them enough."

Seiji could only remain silent.

After a momentary silence, Rika sighed before showing a smile again."At any rate, Im truly grateful for all youve done Not only me; our entire family owes you a huge favor."

Seiji smiled in response at this.

"No need for that, Owner. Hoshis my junior and friendI just did what I should have."

"You just did what you should have" Rika echoed."How many people in this world can go so far for a friend which theyve only known for a short time?"

Rika smiled as she looked straight at Seijis face."That child, Hoshi... hes basically treating you as his idol. I can understand why he feels that way."

"Im proud that youre my employee, Haruta-kun. Im truly fortunate to have hired you at that time."

"Then can you increase my salary?" Seiji blinked in an attempt to act cute.

Rika laughed out loud at this."Sorry, I cant do that, but if you need it, I can give you an abundant amount of reward money in front of everyone!"

"Forget it then. I dont want to be killed off by Tanaka-senpai and my other coworkers." Seiji shrugged and extended his palms in an act of helplessness.

After this, they laughed together heartily.

Seiji wouldnt truly ask the owner for money for such a thing. Rika also knew that he was just joking. If she really did offer money, he wouldnt accept it.

Another short period of silence followed.

"Haruta-kun, actually I still have a question Although I thought about the possible reasons, I felt it would be better to ask you." Rika glanced at Seiji as her eyes flashed with a strange light."At the very beginning why didnt you When you learned about what happened from Hoshi, why didnt you contact me immediately?"

Seiji was momentarily stunned.

"Owner, youve already considered it, so theres no need for me to answer that. Its embarrassing."

"Why would you be embarrassed?" Rika walked two steps closer, a gentle expression in her eyes.

"Er thats because" Seiji averted his gaze."At the time, I was so angry. I only wanted to make a huge scene out of it, and I forgot about you until I finished with that spectacle."

Rika was stunned at this.

She then seemed to come to a sudden realization as she laughed out loud again.

"Honestly, Haruta-kun"

Rika shook her head slightly as she kept her eyes fixed on him.

"Thats why I said it was embarrassing!" Seiji awkwardly scratched his face as he continued to avert his gaze."Owner, youve probably figured it out yourself, but you still asked me"

This idiot.

He wasnt able to finish his sentence as Rika Amami suddenly walked right up to him and kissed him on the cheek!

He felt a soft feeling, a warm touch, and the scent of maturity

Seiji froze solid.

"This is a punishment for the idiot child who cant be honest in such a situation."

Rika stepped back, her cheeks slightly flushed as she smiled alluringly.

She had already considered it, so she knew Seiji must have been worried about how difficult it would have been for her to interfere in the situation just based on Hoshis words.

She was the younger sister of Hoshis father, as well as Hoshi and the twins aunt, their blood relative If she haphazardly interfered in the darkness which enveloped her relatives family, she wouldve been placed under immense pressure.

She had the right to interfere, but the right to do so didnt mean that it would be easy to accomplish anything. If she didnt pull it off correctly, shed only be rejected by everyone, or even be viewed as a villain.

Even if things didnt turn out that way, presuming she could successfully intervene in their family affairs based solely on her nephews words, and she somehow managed to dispel the darkness from them, then what?

Sometimes helping others wouldnt be viewed as an act of kindness by them. Even if you were a blood relative or, perhaps, exactly because you were a blood relative. Things werent that simple.

At the time, contacting Rika Amami would have been the correct thing to do in theory. It was the most sensible and appropriate method to take.

But in that case, all the responsibility of dealing with the familys situation would have fallen upon Rika Amamis shoulders.

That was why Seiji didnt do such a thing.

As an outsider, he chose to shoulder all the responsibility by himself and faced the twins together with his friends assistance Only after hed succeeded at the most difficult part did he contact Rika.

On the surface, he made a huge mess before making Rika come clean up after him.

But in reality, this was his gentleness or perhaps his way of protecting her.

Rika Amami had considered all this already and understood his intentions.

That was why she was so moved.

Her goal in asking Seiji to his face was to force him to admit his own gentleness, enabling her to praise him.

It wasnt for the sake of her brothers familyshe wanted to praise him for shielding her from the brunt of the trouble.

However, she didnt expect Haruta-kun to play the fool to the very end. He was normally direct and forthright, yet hed deceived her on such an issue!

Haha, theres no helping it.

Rikas heart was filled with a warm feeling as she couldnt help walking up to and kissing this cute, handsome, yet clumsy boy.

This is a punishment, silly fool!