Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Infirmary Nurse

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Seiji imagined a vivid scene.

A girl with long black hair was clothed in a baggy white robe. With her left hand she wielded a shiny metallic kodachi in a reverse grip, while her right hand was removing the ribbon which bound her hair. A light breeze caused her hair, clothing, and the ribbon in her hand to flutter, giving her a beautiful and carefree feeling.

The moment his pen touched paper, it instantly began moving as his imagination came to life through the pen in his right hand.

*Swish swish swish*

Seiji found it difficult to contain his excitement as he watched his imagination take life under his pen.


"This doesnt seem that great."

The more that Seiji looked at the paper, the deeper his frown grew as his drawing gradually reached completion.

And before he finished, he ended up putting down his pen.

Just from what he had already completed, he could already tell that his drawing skill was far inferior to the scene hed imagined.

Although this must partially be caused by my lack of drawing equipment, the most basic reason should be due to my art stat not being high enough.

Unlike when hed activated the [writing] card, his [art] stat was only 27; it was less than half of his [academics] stat which had already surpassed 50 long ago.

If his base stats werent high enough, even having the ability activated wouldnt let him do a good job. Seiji confirmed that through this instance.

He activated [drawing], but his drawings werent good it felt like a waste.

Not only that.

Seiji opened his system.

His [actions] now contained [speed drawing], [outline sketching], [portraits], [background illustration], and so on And the lowest prerequisite among them, [speed drawing], required a minimum of at least 35 points in [art]!

In conclusion, he was unable to perform any of his new [actions].

If my base stats arent high enough, I wont be able to do anything.

Seiji sighed to himself. If he wanted to [draw] successfully, he would have to improve his [art] stat.

But every day he was already [studying] at school, and he had to do various [actions] after school; he didnt have enough time to focus on [art].

Seiji felt like there wasnt enough time in a day for him.

If he wanted to quickly improve his [art] stat, he would have to skip classes, or cut back on his other [actions], or else sacrifice his recreational and resting time.

Seiji didnt want to choose any of those three options. Were those his only choices?

Oh, right, there was a fourth option.

Seiji recalled that there was an [item] available which could allow him to reallocate his stats from one stat to another. If he used that, he could temporarily reallocate some of his [academics] points to his [art] stat!

Seiji opened up his list of [items] and found what he was looking for.

[Point reassigning card], price of 55 points?

So expensive!

Seijis mouth began twitching.

With his current available [actions], he could obtain 55 points in just a few days, but it still seemed way too expensive!

All he was doing was reallocating his stats, not gaining new stats, so why did it cost so much!?

Seiji imagined his system informing him that it was his choice whether or not he purchased the card, but there was no haggling regardless.

Seiji imagined himself beating up the system fairy for the umpteenth time.

He rested his chin on his hands as he mulled over his options.

Hmph, system of mine, do you think Im willing to admit defeat to you?

Finally, he came to a decision.

I definitely wont purchase such a ridiculously priced card! You can go cry in a corner with your overpriced wares that nobody wants!

Ill choose the third option All it means is that Ill have to temporarily stop indulging in my hobbies and sleep a little less!! Ill do it!

Seiji folded his arms and acted in an imposing manner.

Naturally, there was no response from his system.

Seiji felt slightly empty inside.

He finally stopped playing the one-man comedy skit and began grinding todays [actions].

Grind grind grind after doing all the options he could, Seiji turned on his computer and opened up a file.

This was Editor Yoshizawas edited version of his short story "Ill Die If I Dont Become Handsome!".

As Seiji looked over her comments, the part that left him the deepest impression wasnt the specific suggestions. Instead, it was

What was with her overly cute tone of voice!?

She even used several emojis in the comments! Although there werent many, as Seiji scanned through the comments, he was left with an unnaturally cutesy impression!

The comments seemed like they came from an elementary school teacher who was acting serious while giving a young child her advice.

These comments were they really written by that editor who seemed like she was such a cold woman?

What a huge contrast!

Seiji couldnt help but comment inwardly on the situation.

Reading her comments would make him imagine a gentle and easy-going elementary school teacher, perhaps one who was younger and still an intern. It was completely impossible to visualize a cold and professional businesswoman like Editor Yoshizawa The contrast was simply too big!

Of course, Seiji understood that many people would act completely different on the internet from how they would in real life, but was this an example of that?

Perhaps it counted Hmm.

No matter what, this strange contrast left him with a deep impression.

Ignoring the abnormality of her comments, Seiji was impressed by the content. Her editing skills were truly top notch! All the advice she gave him was precise and certain, and Seiji agreed that all the editors suggestions would improve his final work.

And so, Seiji picked up his pen, chose his [write a story] option from his system, and began writing on his notebook.

*Scribble scribble scribble*

Seiji followed his editors suggestions and polished up his story. Then, he typed it up on his computer and closely looked over his story.

After ensuring that there werent any problems, he sent the final draft to Editor Yoshizawa.

He took a look at the time after finishing and realized that it was getting late.

"It took such a long time even though I was only editing."

At first, Seiji felt it wouldnt be a lengthy process, but time seemed to mysteriously disappear away from him.

Should he begin improving his [art] stat?

No need to rush; I can begin tomorrow. Seiji decided to rest for the night.

The next morning, a brand-new day.

After exiting his apartment room and walking down the stairs, Seiji noticed that Mika hadnt come out yet, so he went over to knock on the Uehara familys door.

As he waited for Mika to come out, he saw a blonde beauty descending the staircase. She was wearing a professional uniform which showed off her excellent body in tandem with a pair of black stockings which emphasised her long, well-toned legs.

"Good morning, Harano-kun," Kaede Juumonji greeted Seiji politely when she saw him waiting outside the door.

"Good morning, Juumonji-san," Seiji also responded politely.

"Are you preparing to go to school together with the landlords daughter?"


"Im about to go to work, so could I go together with you?"

"What?" Seiji doubted what he had just heard.

Going to work that was normal, but why go together?

"My job is at Genhana High School, the same place youre going to." Kaede flashed a dazzling smile as she spoke. "From today onwards, its my fortune to be an infirmary nurse at Genhana High School."

No words could express Seijis feelings at this moment.

Hey, what did I just hear now? Infirmary nurse? This girl whos a mafia princess!?

He couldnt help but be stunned as he dazedly looked at the smiling blonde beauty in front of him.

"Please take good care of me from now on, Harano-kun Or perhaps I should call you a student, Harano-san."

Kaede Juumonjis smile seemed especially brilliant in the morning sunlight.