Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 100

Chapter 100: I Dont Need to Know Your Feelings Towards My Younger Sister!

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Seiji didnt get a chance to answer Nozomi Ueharas question as Kaede had already answered for him.

"Harano-kun saved me once before! On the street... when I was being harassed by someone, he acted the part of the hero and saved me."

Nozomi looked at her searchingly upon hearing this. She noticed the blonde beauty had a coy look in her eyes and was blushing slightly.

"Thats why I feel gratitude towards Harano-kun, and I know that hes a really strong boy. Ill feel very safe being by his side."

Seiji had no idea what to say to all this.

Nozomi covered her mouth to suppress a smile as the curiosity in her eyes changed into a look of understanding. She looked back and forth between Kaede and Seiji.

"I see. I understand now; this... is just like my daughters situation."

Hehehe, Haruta-kun, youre such a...

All of Seijis hairs stood on edge as he saw the landlords smile, which was filled with such deep meaning!

Mrs. Uehara, just what exactly does that expression of yours mean!?

Im still inexperienced and cant understand it!

"Oh my, the same as your daughter?" Kaede blinked innocently and displayed an enigmatic smile. "Your daughter... was also saved by Harano-kun in the past?"

"Yep, Harano-kun is a wonderful boy... My daughter currently has an excellent relationship with him."

Nozomi and Kaede exchanged glances as their smiles remained unfaltering, but it seemed like something beneath the surface had imperceptibly changed.

Oh ho ho ho...

Seiji felt that the scene of these two beauties smiling subtly at each other was horrifying. It seemed too perfect on the surface!

Perfect to the point where he found it difficult to tolerate; he really wanted to escape from here!

"Is that so? Id really like to meet your daughter, then. I think... Ill definitely have some common interests to discuss with her." Kaedes smile remained plastered on her face.

"I sent Mika out on a shopping errand, and there are many things on her shopping list, so shell be away for quite some time." Nozomi smiled as she looked back at Seiji again. "By the way, Harano-kun, if youre currently free, could you go give Mika some assistance?"

"Of course!" Seiji instantly agreed.

He normally wouldnt have refused such a request anyways. But for some reason, he had an ominous premonition that something frightening would happen if he refused this request.

Nozomis smile seemed quite joyous.

"Thank you. I knew Harano-kun would be reliable... Juumonji-san, as you just witnessed, if you wish to have a conversation with Harano-kun, youll have to wait for next time. My apologies."

Kaedes smile seemed to change slightly.

"Its not a problem. I have plenty of time... but instead of waiting for next time, Id prefer to go together with Harano-kun, with the added convenience of being able to meet your daughter."

"Oh?" Nozomis eyes flashed with a strange light as she looked at Kaede. "You want to go together with Harano-kun? You barely just moved in; dont you need to organize your room?"

"I can organize my room later," Kaede stated.

"No, you should take care of such a thing immediately. If you delay organizing your room, youll leave it until really late, which means that you wont have a good rest tonight." Nozomi clasped her hands. "Youre a young missus, so living in such an apartment must be challenging for you. If you just leave your room in a messy state, not only will you feel uncomfortable, itll also seem... unsightly, dont you agree?"

The landlord showed off what it really meant to be a landlord!

Seiji felt as if he had been enlightened after witnessing such pressure being emitted by Nozomis seemingly gentle words! He had witnessed a new, unfamiliar side to Mikas mother.

Kaedes expression changed slightly as she took a deep look at the handsome boy.

"O... Okay, youre right. I should properly organize my things." Kaedes smile seemed a little forced now.

"Then lets go do that right now." Nozomi was still smiling enigmatically as she turned her gaze towards Seiji, using her eyes to indicate he should go.

"Ill go and find Mika right away!" Seiji exclaimed.

Even though he wasnt really sure what just happened, he knew that he should just go and do what he was supposed to do.

And thus he left his apartment even though he had just arrived home.

The mafia missus became my neighbor... why does it make me feel like Im in a romance television drama? Have I seen such a situation before? Seiji was thinking random things as he walked.

Fine, he simply wanted to run away from the situation.

But now that it happened, he had to face it!

Seiji sighed as he called a number on his cell phone.

"Hey, Seigo, whats up?"

When Seiji made an agreement with Hisashi last night about creating a game together, they started addressing each other by their first names.

"Whats up? Thats what I want to ask, Hisashi! Why is your younger sister living next door to me?" Seiji inquired.

"What? My younger sister? Kaede, she..." There was a pause on the other side of the phone. "Oh, right... I think she said something about that, and I was going to tell you, but I accidentally forgot. Hahaha."

"Why the hell are you laughing!? You shouldnt forget such a thing!" Seiji forcefully commented.

"Thats because I didnt feel like it was anything important..." Hisashi faked a coughing fit. "Okay, my bad; it was my mistake," Hisashi apologized. "Did Kaede inconvenience you by doing such a thing?"

"It wasnt much of an inconvenience. I only received a huge shock! I dont know why shes..."

"You really dont understand, Seigo!?" Hisashi interrupted Seiji before he could finish. "My younger sisters motives should be totally obvious, Seigo! You should be able to figure it out."

Seiji remained silent for a moment before sighing.

"Fine... cough, your sister, Kaede Juumonji, is a nice girl, but..."

"I dont need to know your feelings towards my younger sister! Thats something she needs to know. She likes you and wants to go out with you; thats why she went to the trouble of living next door to you. Thats all there is to it!" Hisashi went with the direct approach.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"Kaede fell in love with you at first sight, Seigo... Seiji Haruta!" Hisashi continued. "As her older brother, I can definitely tell you that this is the first time Ive ever seen her fall so deeply in love! In fact youre basically her first love!!

"She wants to be together with you, and like my father, Im happy to let her do so. Her method and actions are her business. Of course, if Kaede asks me, Ill give her my advice, but I wont needlessly interfere with anything. The same applies for my father.

"You can think of it as more complicated than it really is, or simpler; its all up to you. How you respond to her feelings is also up to you."

Seiji clutched his forehead wordlessly.

"Perhaps now youre feeling inconvenienced, but thats what you get for being so handsome and strong! Just take responsibility like a man! Hahahaha eh, why is my face getting wet?

"Fine, I admit itIm actually a little angry! Seigo... no, Seiji, Im jealous of you, you overly popular handsome person! You can obtain a girls wholehearted love with ease, and its even my sisters!!

"Im already at this age, and Ive never received such deep love! Even though 2-D girls are my true love, I still have a few expectations from the 3-D world. I want to be loved by a real beauty as well!!!"

Seiji hung up the call without saying anything.

A few moments later, his cell phone started ringing again.

He took the call.

"Wahh... take good care of my sister, damn it! Also... go explode and die somewhere, you popular and handsome winner of life!!" frenzied shouting which felt like it came from Hisashis soul could be heard from the cell phone.

Seiji hung up wordlessly once more as he gazed off into the distance.

Ah, the setting sun... How beautiful it was...