Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 8 Chapter 730

    Volume 8 Chapter 730 Syrune

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    Sitting in one of the main chairs, Shiro had a smile on her face since she was currently the holder of two primordial divinities right now. As she had two, the probability of obtaining a third was higher than ever so the sisters were giving her the respect she deserved.

    Quella, Tricia and Beril were sitting next to her and Astryn the second sister was just a few seats to her right.

    Opposite her were the heroes that had been mentioned before and two of them were currently looking at her with a frown. Seeing this, Shiro only replied by chuckling and giving them a smug grin.

    Overall, four of the heroes seemed rather hostile but Shiro ignored them. The only one who seemed to be at ease was Yan who smiled and gave her a polite nod.

    He was a rather lively looking youth with long black hair that was tied into a ponytail. He wore a simple outfit that didn't stand out too much compared to the things that the other heroes wore.

    Naturally, Shiro returned the nod with one of her own. Those who show her respect will get respect back.

    "Now that we have all gathered, I would like to begin the meeting. We'll be discussing the problem in regard to the Ancient Terror and the culprit who has been planting corruption saplings all over the world." Astryn said as everyone paid close attention.

    For the sisters, their number also dictated their level of power so Astryn was currently the strongest sister at the meeting as number one was absent. Therefore, no one wanted to annoy her except Shiro but she wasn't bored enough to do that.

    "Currently, the Ancient Terror has been making his way around the entire world planting seeds of corruption within people. Those that have the seed planted in them will begin to feel negative effects one or two days after the implant. The negative effects that they have experienced from what we can tell so far is just pure bloodl.u.s.t along with exploding into a miniature pool of corruption once they're dealt with.

    "In addition to this, it seems like the Ancient Terror has managed to regain two of his pieces which means that there are only eight left before he is whole once again. Once that happens, it'll be hard for us to deal with him unless everyone here obtains their Primordial Divinity.

    "Since we have three divinities so far, Gaia, Ouranos and Tartarus, killing the Ancient Terror in this current state should be possible." Astryn said while glancing towards Shiro and Yan.

    "If you don't mind me asking, you still haven't said anything about the culprit who had also been spreading saplings around." Tenma asked as he was the one who wanted to aim for the Tower of Nyx. Similar to Yan, he also had dark hair but it was cut short. He wore a set of leather clothing underneath his black plated armour which only covered parts of his torso, shoulder and forearms.

    Nodding her head, Astryn furrowed her brows but sighed.

    "The culprit who has been doing this is actually big sis. While I don't know Syrune's motivations or goals, I now know that she has been planting the seeds around the world and when I tried to contact her, I heard nothing from her." Astryn sighed as the sisters paused in shock.

    "It can't be big sis Syr, surely there's a mistake." The 45th sister frowned as she was the youngest of the family. To her, Syrune had always been a kind older sister to her so it seemed impossible for Syrune to suddenly work together with the Ancient Terror.

    "I also don't believe it to be older sis Syrune too. It just doesn't seem right. Wasn't she the one who helped the most in the previous times when the Ancient Terror woke up?" the 20th sister spoke up as she had a frown on her face.

    "I know I can't believe it either but what else can I say when I found traces of corruption the last time I saw her? I got into a small fight and managed to injure her to some extent but she escaped." Astryn sighed.

    Placing a block of ice in the centre, everyone could see a small piece of the forearm frozen in ice and a black and purple liquid could be seen swimming around in the flesh.

    Seeing this, some of the younger siblings looked away with a pained expression while the older ones knew that this was evidence against Syrune.

    "Let's not jump to conclusions just yet. For all we know, it could be an imposter doing this. Illusion magic isn't uncommon." The 10th sister suggested.

    "Mn I agree. For now, let's keep trying to track her wear abouts while dealing with the Ancient Terror." The 5th sister agreed as everyone seemed to have come to a consensus. As for the heroes, Tenma, Nyer and Aris seemed a little unsettled to find out that the strongest sister was the one who had been working with the Ancient Terror so they would exchange subtle glances towards one another.

    Naturally, this didn't escape Shiro's notice as she only raised her eyebrow.

    'Hopefully they don't do anything stupid.' Shiro mused to herself.

    "Setting aside the case of big sis Syrune, let's talk about the pieces of the Ancient Terror. As you know, he has obtained two so far which means that there are eight more to go. Thankfully, the first five pieces won't give him too much of a boost. It's only the last five that really matter so we'll be giving each of the heroes a piece."

    "Since you only need five people, you don't mind if I go grab another divinity now do you? The longer I dally around for, the less chance there is for me to get it." Shiro called out as Astryn looked towards her and paused for a moment.

    "I believe you should have time for one more Divinity. Maybe more depending on the situation." Astryn nodded her head.

    "Good to know." Shiro smirked.

    "On the topic of Divinities, can you tell Hephorus the skip to the Tower of Gaia? If you do, we should have another divinity in our hands soon." The 9th sister smiled as Beril frowned.

    "Where's the please? Shiro worked hard to find out how to skip it. You have no right to demand she explainthe skip." Beril said as she hadn't told them about Shiro finding the skip just yet.

    However, seeing her younger sister's attitude, she was a little annoyed.

    "In that case then please. Would that do?" The 9th sister rolled her eyes.

    Before Beril could even say anything, Shiro placed her hand on her shoulder and smiled.

    "I would tell you about the skip but the trial isn't as meaningful without you going through it yourself." Shiro chuckled.

    "We're in an emergency situation, I don't think meaningful is as important anymore." The 9th sister shook her head.

    "For this one it is. Since the trial is tailored to you. If he doesn't prove that he has the proper mindset to do the skip then he should complete it like everyone else had in the past." Shiro grinned.

    "And what if he fails?"

    "Then he's just incompetent. Plus, I've got two divinities already. Whether or not he gets his is secondary." Shiro narrowed her eyes with a dark grin.

    "Plus, if he does things like I did, he might have to face a dragon that can petrify him with a gaze." Shiro chuckled.

    "Gaia's divinity doesn't give pe-"

    Before she could even finish, Shiro tapped her finger on the table as a layer of petrification instantly spread across the table.

    Those that weren't fast enough had a small part of their arm petrified onto the table which stopped them from moving.

    "See? Power of Gaia." Shiro grinned.

    Despite feeling magic all around her, she wasn't afraid.

    Tapping her finger once more, the petrification was released.

    "See? I doubt you'll want to face a dragon that can do the same now." Shiro snickered.

    Staying silent, one could tell that the 9th sister was annoyed but she didn't say anything.

    "Stop acting up Shiro, are you trying to fight everyone here?" Beril frowned.

    "It would be fun but maybe not today then. Whose divinity should I go for next? Probably Nyx's or Chronos'."

    Shiro rested her chin on her palms as she looked towards Tenma and Aris with a grin.

    "Or maybe I should do both?"

    Before a fight could break out between them, Quella, Tricia and Beril pulled Shiro out of the meeting for now since the rest was just how they should tackle the problem of obtaining divinities while the Ancient Terror was collecting his pieces.