Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 8 Chapter 729

    Volume 8 Chapter 729 Meeting Between Heroes

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    Entering the building, Shiro could see that the first floor was akin to a church of sorts with statues of all five of the primordial gods including Nyx.

    Looking at the statue of Nyx, Shiro couldn't help but raise her eyebrows since it looked nothing like her at all.

    If anything, it just looked like a random woman who was used as a reference.

    "You seem curious about the statue." Andre smiled.

    "Mn, it looks nothing like Nyx." Shiro replied as Andre raised an eyebrow to her statement.

    "You've seen her before?" Andre asked with mild surprise.

    "Mn I did." Shiro nodded.

    ". . . You're not joking are you?" Andre furrowed her brows.

    "Nope. But that aside, where should I stay while I wait for the others to arrive?" Shiro asked while massaging her neck.

    "Ah follow me, there's a spare room here."

    Getting Shiro to follow her, Andre led her down some stairs where she could see a few doors.

    After asking, Andre explained that they were the different rooms for the sisters and that the ones at the bottom were for the guests. Aka, the heroes since it was easier to expand the building down.

    Finding her a room, Shiro laid on a bed for a while as it was rather comfy.

    "I'll tell you when the meeting is being held. You can make your way up to the first floor and that's where we have food." Andre informed as Shiro nodded her head.

    After Andre left, Shiro heard a knock on her door.

    "Come in." Shiro called out while sitting up.

    Opening the door, both Quella and Tricia entered the room.

    Seeing the two, Shiro smiled and waved her hand.


    "Hey, seems like you completed Gaia's Divinity too. I'll be honest, I didn't think you'd get it done so quickly." Quella sighed while sitting on Shiro's bed.

    "Mn I got lucky. I managed to enter the spirit world and get information on how to complete the trial." Shiro replied with a smile.

    "Oh? You went to the spirit world?" Tricia raised her eyebrow in surprise.

    "I did. Is that weird?" Shiro tilted her head.

    "It's not weird when you think about your race. However, the entrance to the Spirit world hasn't been discovered in a long time. I'm just curious about how you managed to get them to bring you into the spirit world." Quella said while laying her body down on the bed.

    "Well I just kind of released my aura in the forest and was reprimanded by one of the spirits for being suicidal since the monsters see me as nutrients." Shiro shrugged.

    "After that, she dragged me to the spirit world where I saw the steps of the skip written on the tower itself since the spirit world is like a mirror of the real world."

    "I see"

    "Though I guess if you want I can show you to the spirit world. I can create a portal between realms whenever I want." Shiro shrugged.


    "You can???" Quella sat up.

    "Yeah, is there a problem?"

    "What's your position in the spirit world? At most, spirits usually get the 'key' to open already pre-existing portals. But you're able to open one yourself which means you have a lot of energy to spare and that the spirits had actually told you the real way to open and close portals." Quella explained as Tricia nodded her head.

    "My position is pretty special I guess. But why do they not tell the real way?" Shiro asked.

    "Because of the traitors hundreds of years ago. Back then, one of the spirits had opened up a portal for the Ancient Terror so that he could escape one of our ambushes and he proceeded to wreak havoc in the spirit world. After he was forced out with the help of the queen at the time, the spirits became a reclusive race. They only tell the way to open up a real portal to those that have a high and trusted standing in the race. For the ones that already know the method, they were forced to swear an oath of secrecy under the divinity of oaths." Tricia said as she grabbed a chair and sat down.

    "So the fact that the spirits actually told you is shocking." Quella nodded.

    "I see They never told me so I wouldn't know." Shiro shrugged.

    "Mn but setting that aside for now, what did you get from Gaia's divinity?" Quella asked with excitement in her eyes.

    "Well aside from the normal stuff, changing landscape and such, I'm basically able to petrify anything I want." Shiro replied as Quella tilted her head.

    "Are you sure you got Gaia's divinity and not Medusa's? When did Gaia grant petrification?" Quella asked.

    "Yes. I had to fight a dragon that tried to petrify me a few times. I have control over petrification now so if someone is petrified, I can 'unpetrify' them." Shiro replied.

    "Can you demonstrate it?" Tricia asked, handing her a dagger.


    Grabbing the dagger, Shiro activated Gaia's divinity and the dagger turned to stone immediately.

    Looking at the speed of petrification, both Quella and Tricia were speechless as Shiro returned it back to normal.

    "There. It's a little slower when I use my bow but otherwise it's pretty handy." Shiro said as Quella blinked for a moment.

    "You do realise that your speed of petrification is faster than the petrification speed of someone with Medusa's divinity right?" Quella said with a twitching smile.

    "Is it?" Shiro raised her eyebrow.

    "Yes." Quella nodded her head.

    "Well I guess it's kind of like what happened with my Divinity of Nike then. I got it for the power of flight but after I got Ouranos' Divinity, Nike's hasn't been too useful except for some of the smaller boosts." Shiro shrugged.

    "That is true. Most of the primordial divinities are upgrades of pre-existing divinities since they are technically their 'children'. It would be more concerning if her petrification speed is slower than the one provided by the Medusa." Tricia crossed her legs.

    "That is true." Quella agreed.

    "So do you two know what this meeting was about? I was planning on challenging another tower when Andre told me that I should probably come to this meeting." Shiro asked.

    "I'm not too sure on the details but it seems like they found out who the culprit was. That and I guess they want the heroes to meet each other soon so that you can get to know each other and work as a team." Tricia theorised.

    "I see You got any information on the 'heroes' then?" Shiro asked.

    "Mn I do. There are five so far and they each aimed for a different tower. You appeared out of nowhere and one of the heroes seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the idea that you had completed his tower before he could. I'm guessing that another would be in the same situation once he realises that you've completed the Tower of Gaia." Tricia chuckled.

    "Starting from the top, Tenma wants to aim for the Tower of Nyx and so far his divinities are all heavy combat based so that he can accomplish the skip and challenge the final boss. Next is Aris who wants to get Chronos' Divinity. She has been trying her best but there's not much you can do other than hope when it comes to a god that can control time. The third is Yan who has completed Tartarus' test and obtained his divinity. We're not sure on what powers he has obtained yet but I think we'll find out in the meeting. The fourth is Nyer who is the one that was aiming for Ouranos' Divinity. There might be some sparks of conflict between you two so try not to kill him if you can. The last one is Hephorus who wanted to get Gaia's Divinity. Once again, try not to kill him if you can." Tricia explained as Shiro noted their names down.

    "What about their appearance?" Shiro asked.

    "You find that out once they arrive since I don't know much about it either." Tricia shrugged.

    Nodding her head, Shiro talked to the two for a little longer about the benefits of Gaia's Divinity. She also told them about the combination between Artemis' Bow and the petrification enchantment. The only reaction they had was to sigh.

    After two days of waiting, the final person for the meeting had arrived and Astryn, the second sister had called everyone to the meeting hall.