Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 8 Chapter 725

    Volume 8 Chapter 725 Filling The Seed

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    Hearing the screams of countless faction members, Shiro's smile widened ever so slightly before she quickly calmed herself since she was essentially causing a massacre in a city.

    Naturally, she made sure that butterflies only targeted those that had belonged to either of the factions thanks to their obvious attire. After all, she didn't want to kill the spirit captives.

    Even when she had the tornado run rampage in Ariel's mansion, the tornado itself didn't kill but rather swept up all the people she could see and there wasn't a single sign of a spirit so Shiro figured that they were most likely locked up.

    Looking over at both Adriel and Behmut, Shiro could see that they were holding out a little better compared to their subordinates.

    Behmut was constantly fighting off the butterflies with lightning while Adriel punched them to smithereens with his fists.

    "Oi! Lightning bastard! Let's have a truce until we kill whoever started this!" Adriel shouted over as Behmut nodded his head in agreement.

    'Let's see I'll deal with Adriel first.' Shiro thought while wind swirled around her and hid her body from their sight.

    With so much wind blowing everywhere, it was simple for Shiro to hide.

    Once she was roughly 20 meters from Adriel, she dashed into action.

    Currently, her time left in this form was 1 minute and 14 seconds so she needed to act fast.

    Dispersing the wind around her, she revealed her body and swung Nivlim towards Adriel.


    Widening his eyes at the sudden appearance of her sword, Adriel gritted his teeth and raised his leg up.


    Kicking the sword to the side, he was unfortunately bit by a few of the butterflies.

    "What are you doing?!" He shouted out in annoyance while trying to take off the butterflies.

    "Nothing much. Don't harm my dear butterflies though, they're so cute." Shiro chuckled softly before breathing out a wave of cold air which condensed into an orb in her hand.

    Throwing it into the air, Shiro snapped her fingers to shatter the orb.


    Just as the orb shattered apart, cold mist descended into the tornado as its colour started to shift ever so slightly and the surrounding temperatures dropped instantly.

    Those that only had one divinity were frozen over instantly while those that had two were slowly frozen over. Only those with three divinities stood a chance as they continued to fight off the butterflies.

    With a single move, Shiro had turned the entire town into a frozen ruin with statues of people being perched upon by the Soul Reaper Butterflies.

    Seeing this, Adriel dashed towards Shiro as he knew she was the cause of all this. If they killed her, this should end.

    "Assist me!" He shouted out towards Behmut who nodded his head and raised his hand above his head.

    Dark clouds started to gather as Shiro only grinned.

    Snapping her fingers, two magic circles appeared around her as one shattered apart and the other wrapped around her.

    Restriction of Magic!

    Just as her restriction wrapped around her, a strike of lightning descended down like a furious dragon.


    Shattering the concrete around her, the lightning failed to do anything to the target itself.

    "What the hell are you doing!?" Adriel roared out while lunging at Shiro with his fist.

    Looking down at his hands, Behmut was just as confused as well since his lightning at a direct strike on Shiro.

    While Behmut was confused, Adriel was trying his best to land a hit on Shiro but she kept dodging at the last moment with a simple backstep.

    Seeing her smug smile, he couldn't help but feel angrier by the second.

    Gritting his teeth, he slammed his foot down.


    The force of his stomp caused a spider web of cracks to spread out as he slammed both his hands together and smashed down on the centre.

    Raising her eyebrows, Shiro hopped into the air and hovered for a moment.

    Just as she did this, rock spikes shot out of the ground and barely missed her.

    "Tch!" Clicking his tongue, Ariel was annoyed that she could still fly while they were grounded.

    But before he could say anything, he felt danger all around him.

    Suddenly, green flames erupted out of the cracks in the ground as Shiro's smile curved up into a grin.

    Frozen Slumber!

    Chains lashed out from the flames as Adriel widened his eyes.

    Twisting his body, he wanted to dodge but whenever he tried to move out the way of the chains. Butterflies would cut off his escape and latch onto him.

    Understanding that the butterflies were bad news, he wanted to destroy them but the moment he did the chains would try to restrain him.

    While this was all happening, Behmut tried to attack Shiro over and over again but his lightning kept getting blocked by a shield that shimmered around Shiro.

    "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you either." Shiro laughed. Flicking her wrists, ice chains shot out of the surrounding buildings and latched onto Behmut. Unlike Adriel, he wasn't as adept at controlling his body so the chains had a much easier time.

    Once the chains latched onto him, ice started to form on his body as he widened his eyes in a panic and tried to escape but it was no use.

    Butterflies started to latch onto him as the feeling of fatigue overwhelmed his mind until he closed his eyes forever.

    Seeing this Adriel's face paled and glared at Shiro.

    "WHAT KIND OF DIVINITY IS THIS????" He shouted out as the chains managed to latch onto his ankles.

    Thinking about it for a moment, Shiro smiled.

    "It's the Primordial Divinity of Ouranos. That's the reason for the wind and your lack of flight. As for the ice and the butterflies, it's my own considering I'm the empress of the spirits. I heard that you had quite a 'fun' time with my dears now haven't you?" Shiro narrowed her eyes as Adriel paled in shock.

    Before he could utter another word, his body was frozen over and butterflies latched onto him.

    Snapping her fingers, she had the butterflies present the souls to her

    Looking around her, she could see hundreds of illusionary figures being dragged over with hollowed eyes.

    Raising her hand, Shiro started to absorb the souls as she could deal with them however she wanted. If she allowed them to reincarnate, they could. If she wanted to kill them for good, she could. It wasn't an exaggeration to call her a death god at this point.

    Closing her eyes, she understood that the darker the colour of their soul, the worst they'd done. Quite a few of them were quite dark but most of them were in the middle area which is to be expected since they were in a place where crime is normal.

    Dismissing and allowing them to reincarnate, Shiro sent the ones with dark souls to the underworld.

    Just as she did this, the Sigil on her hand that represented Hades shimmered for a bit as the souls were absorbed into the Sigil instead.

    Raising her eyebrow, Shiro shrugged before turning to the remaining souls she had absorbed. These were the souls belonging to Adriel, Behmut and a few others and their colour was that of a muddy grey.

    Understanding that they must have caused quite a bit of harm, Shiro didn't hesitate to clutch her fist and shatter them to pieces. Just before they were completely shattered, Shiro caught a glimpse of their faces twisted in pain which brought her a bit of joy at their suffering.

    Opening her eyes, Shiro dismissed her Spirit Nature and the butterflies faded away.

    Stopping the storm, Shiro flew up into the air and used the wind to move all of the bodies to the centre of the city.

    Summoning her bow, she notched Nivlim onto the bowstring and fired down into the pile.


    Drilling a hole down the pile, she returned Nivlim to her hand and dropped the seed.

    "Feed well." She said before flying towards the destroyed mansions.

    Both of the mansions had the Spirit Woman chained in a dungeon of sorts as many of them had wounds all over their body. Using some of the medicine that Beril had given her to heal these girls, Shiro sent them back to the Spirit World.

    After what the two nobles had done to them, there was a high chance that they'll be traumatised from this experience but there was nothing that Shiro could do about it.

    Shaking her head, she collected the seed which has now been completely filled with blood thanks to the giant corpse mountain.