Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 8 Chapter 723 2

    Volume 8 Chapter 723 Killing Elin Part 2

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    Hovering above the mansion, Shiro controlled the wind so that her scent didn't spread to the monsters below her.

    Currently, there were quite a few flying type monsters patrolling the air with more perched on the roof. As for land based monsters, there were very few but they acted as door guards.

    Her divinity was perfect to face these flying type monsters but that's only if she wanted to go for an all out battle with them. Right now, all she wanted was to kill the woman and save the spirits so that she wouldn't be distracted later.

    Since Elin had the Divinity of Aphrodite, it'll be annoying if she was suddenly 'charmed' in the middle of the fight.

    Thinking about it for a moment, Shiro had an idea.

    Beril said that the sleep power was very effective so she didn't need to make them smell a lot of the powder for it to work. If she could figure out how much was just enough to put them to sleep then there was the chance that she could remove the monsters out of the fight for now and kill Elin before they wake up.

    Flexing her fingers, she had the wind remove a tiny pit of the powder and sent it towards one of the monsters roaming around the ground.

    Narrowing her eyes, she watched as the monster slowly turned sluggish before collapsing on the ground.

    "Oh my, that's rather effective." Shiro raised her eyebrow when she realised that only a small portion of the powder could knock out a monster.

    Thinking about it for a moment, Shiro realised that not everyone could control the wind so that the powder enters their nostrils so it made sense that Beril would make extra.

    Now that she had a figure in mind, Shiro smiled and snapped her fingers.

    Spreading the powder amongst the monsters, Shiro watched as they collapsed onto the ground and fell asleep. For those that were flying in the air, they managed to land properly before sleeping.

    Shiro was worried that the Divinity of Aphrodite would make them lose their reasoning but she was worried for nothing.

    Landing on the roof softly, she was about to sneak in from the side when she heard a loud m.o.a.n thanks to her keen senses.

    ". . ."

    Taking a deep breath, she resolved herself to see something disgusting as she snuck in through the windows.

    Just as she entered, she was hit in the face by a face full of perfume and weird aroma's that made her want to throw up since they were far too strong.

    Gritting her teeth, she used her sleeve to cover her mouth and nose before continuing.

    Thanks to the loud m.o.a.ning in the distance, it wasn't hard for her to find out where she was as they weren't quiet at all.

    However, the moment she arrived at the location and moved the door slightly ajar to see what was happening, Shiro wished that she didn't and just blew up everything instead.

    Right now, she could see 'Nan Tian' making love to another man as Shiro felt like she wanted to gouge her eyes out.

    'Oh my poor eyes. What the f*ck.' Shiro thought to herself since she wasn't exactly keen on remembering the scene of Nan Tian bedding another guy.

    The worst part was that she understood this was the Divinity of Aphrodite doing its job. She was just unfortunate to see this scene.

    Just as she was about to take a deep breath to calm herself, she remembered where she was and figured that she probably shouldn't do that otherwise she'd be hit with the stench of lovemaking and s.e.m.e.n.

    Shaking her head, she quietly snuck around the room.

    Guessing that this was behind the bed, she summoned Nivlim and calmed her mind.

    Opening her eyes with cold killing intent, Shiro twisted her body and swung her blade out while activating her True Spirit Nature.

    Green fire exploded around her as ice coated the floor. Replacing the outfit on her with her black dress, Shiro could hear confusion on the other side as she quickly caught her blade.

    Now that the chain was around Elin's neck, Shiro burst down the wall and strangled Elin who was in the form of Nan Tian.

    Since she was in her True Spirit Nature, ice started to spread through Elin's body as her confusion continued since one moment she was having s*x and the next she was being strangled and frozen at the same time.

    Twisting her wrist, Shiro activated the spell she had in mind as illusionary skeleton hands reached out from the bed and grabbed hold of Elin.


    Screaming from the pain, her or rather Nan Tian's face twisted in pain which only served to piss Shiro off since he wouldn't have screamed from this tiny amount of pain.

    Raising her leg, she slammed it down against her head and a blue energy was being ripped out from Elin's body.

    Giving it a hard tug, Shiro stabbed Nivlim into Elin's chest.


    AS the blood sprayed out of the chest, the green energy from the blade severed the blue energy from her body.

    Glancing at the energy in her hands, Shiro could see the obese body of a ugly woman writhing around in pain.

    Clicking her tongue, Shiro didn't hesitate to tighten the chains and shatter the soul apart. Once the soul was shattered, she turned off her True Spirit Nature.


    Since she had taken Elin by surprise, she was able to kill her swiftly thanks to her True Spirit Nature being one that allowed her to rip out their soul so long as they can't escape from her chains in time. Of course, this was harder to achieve on people that were much stronger than her but Elin was mostly charming people thanks to her divinity instead of fighting them.

    Looking at the n.a.k.e.d body of the original Elin who laid dead on the bed with a sword in her chest, Shiro didn't waste any more time and threw the seed into the cavity.

    Seeing this, the male spirit widened his eyes and threw up on the corner.

    "Stop puking and tell me where the other spirits are. I'm sending you to the spirit world." Shiro clicked her tongue and threw a cover over him.

    Hearing no response, Shiro pulled him up and gave him a light slap on the face.

    "Can you hear me?" She asked in annoyance.

    Seeing the spirit nod his head hastily, Shiro sighed.

    "Show me to where the other spirits are, I'm sending you all to the spirit world. You can escape on your own once you enter right?" Shiro asked as he nodded his head once more.

    "Good, show me the way." Following behind the spirit while the seed drained the corpse, Shiro killed any guards that were inside the mansion who tried to attack her the moment they saw her exit with the male spirit.

    Naturally, she was furious right now so their death wasn't exactly swift. She made sure they felt quite a bit of pain before killing them.

    Seeing the face of Nan Tian twist in pain seemed to have struck a nerve in her since he wasn't weak like that. The real Nan Tian would have shrugged off the pain and counter attacked.

    Thinking back to this, Shiro clicked her tongue while grabbing a soldier by the neck and crushed it with the help of her wind.

    Shredding up his head, she threw the body to the side and controlled the wind to pile them all up into the centre.

    Arriving at a bas.e.m.e.nt of sorts, Shiro saw tens if not hundreds of male spirits chained up and 'drained' as they seemed quite weak right now.

    Realising that Elin probably drained them of their vitality, Shiro frowned and cut them loose. Muttering something under her breath, Shiro opened up a portal to the Spirit World.

    "Get in and leave." She commanded.

    Seeing the familiar portal, the spirits widened their eyes as a slither of hope returned to their eyes.

    Quickly running through, Shiro maintained a portal until the final spirit was about to enter.

    Looking at her, he mouthed a few words before leaving.

    "Thank you huh? That's the first one I heard so far." Shiro raised her eyebrow and closed the portal.

    Looking back at the bas.e.m.e.nt, she clicked her tongue and walked back to the mountain of corpses that she had left behind.

    Retrieving the seed, she placed it in the corpse mountain. Once all the blood was drained, she left immediately since she didn't want to stay any longer.