Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 8 Chapter 695

    Volume 8 Chapter 695 Chains Of Hades

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    Firing wave after wave of arrows at point blank range while dodging his grabs, Shiro prevented him from attacking her with his chains. After all, they were the real problems.

    In terms of danger level, his fists were much lower despite her running around his body.

    Despite being an illusionary image, the state of the Guardian was rather strange. It was like the physical illusions that Shiro could make back on Earth only transparent.

    She could stand on him, hit him and even grab him but his body was semi-transparent. It was a rather strange sight but Shiro dismissed it since she's seen weirder situations before.

    Firing another arrow at his head, Shiro panted lightly since all this running around and dodging his grabs had started to put a toll on her body.However, it was much better than trying to dodge the chains since that'd truly be dangerous.

    Kicking off his chest, she landed on the ground and watched him stumble back.

    'It's been quite a while.' Shiro mused to herself since she had been able to kill her bosses rather quickly due to her crazy buffs and armour penetration but in the forgotten realm, it was hard to obtain the same effect so each boss she fights had to be one done with caution.

    Watching him stumble back, she raised her guard since she felt like he was charging up to do something. Suddenly, chains exploded out from under her feet as Shiro quickly jumped up and made herself hover with her wings.

    However, it wasn't over.

    Bursting from the ceiling were more chains but it wasn't the large kind. It was hundreds of small chains charging towards her.

    Clicking her tongue, Shiro knew that she only had two choices. Either dodge them all or deflect them. She wasn't too keen on the latter option since she didn't know if the chains could be controlled or if they had the same properties as the Guardian's chains. If it did, that would be rather bad for her.

    Opting for the dodging option, she dived down and furled her wings.

    Concentrating on her footwork, she tried her best at dodging all of the chains and was rather successful. The only bad part was that she kept getting holes in her jacket which infuriated her since she didn't have another set of outfits after this one.

    Half way through dodging the chains, Shiro noticed that it was trying to lock her up in a makeshift prison so she quickly dashed around the arena.

    She had to be careful on where she ran since if the chain landed in the lava, the sudden splash would be unavoidable.

    While Shiro was focused on dodging, the Guardian had stood back up and recovered somewhat.

    Narrowing his eyes towards Shiro, he pulled his arm back and swung his chains towards her just as she dodged one of the chains falling from the ceiling.

    Seeing the sudden appearance of the chain, Shiro gritted her teeth and jumped up. Using the hook at the end of the chains as the vaulting box, she narrowly flipped her body over.

    "Sss!!!" Taking a sharp breath, she watched as a purple aura coated the palm of her hand.

    Dodging more chains, Shiro furrowed her brows when the purple aura didn't disappear.

    'Is this like a stack of something?' Shiro thought to herself and frowned since it could be bad if it was.

    Glaring towards the Guardian, she whipped her chain around the hook before using the momentum to quickly dodge some of the chains.

    Turning his body, the Guardian wanted to slam it down so that Shiro would get crushed but all she had to do was unfurl her wings and begin to fly.

    Strangely enough, the chains seemed to be rather magical in the fact that it would continue to lengthen like a certain staff belonging to a monkey.

    Unless she willed it, the chains would not shrink.

    Diving down, she quickly had the chains unhooked from the Guardian's weapon before backing off since the tail end of his chain was already heading towards her.

    Thinking about it for a moment, Shiro had an idea and her lips curled up into a grin. Unsummoning her bow, she grabbed the Chains of Hades with both hands and dashed towards the boss.

    Increasing the length of the chains so that it would hang loosely around the Guardian, she dashed behind him and checked if she could exploit a certain weakness.

    Unfortunately, there was nothing there so at most she could use it to taunt him but that was enough.

    Summoning her bow, she pulled back and fired an arrow which lifted the guardian's body up ever so slightly but it wasn't enough to completely lift him off the ground.However that wasn't her main goal. Her main goal was to taunt him and she had achieved it with ease.

    Glaring at her with rage filled eyes, his muscles bulged as she could tell that he wanted to kill her with everything he's got.

    "Don't be so mad, I don't poke the ass as much as I used to so you should take this with honour!" Shiro taunted with a smug smile which would make anyone want to punch her in the face and the Guardian was no exception.

    Slamming his hook forward with everything he's got, Shiro grinned.

    Throwing a loop of her chain towards the hook, she almost wanted to jump for joy when she saw that it was hooked onto the weapon.

    But before she could celebrate, she had to avoid the hook or else she'd be dead.

    Diving down as quickly as she could, she felt the wind crash into her back and sent her hurling towards the ground but that was ok.

    Lengthening the chain so that it didn't affect her, she watched as the loosely wrapped chains tighten around the Guardians body.


    One of the loops snapped against his neck, cracking his neck back as she could see his neck becoming more and more deformed.

    With the chains tightened all around him, the Guardian tried to pry the chains off his body but it was to no avail.

    Watching the Guardian struggle, Shiro thought about it for a short moment before wrapping her chain around one of the chains hanging from the ceiling.

    Stopping her chain from lengthening, the hook was suddenly hit by a strong force, tightening the chains around the Guardian's body even more so.


    Ripping through the Guardian's neck, the chains shredded through his body, destroying his illusionary image.

    With the Guardian dead, the hook flickered for a moment before disappearing and the same happened to the surroundings.

    [You have obtained the Chains of Hades]

    [This chain can be extended and retracted at will for a maximum of 1 mile.]

    [Every hit you do with this chain applies a single stack on the target. And the stacks can be used in the following ways.]

    [Consume 5 stacks to grant 10% attack speed, 10% attack damage or 10% armour penetration.]

    [Consume 10 stacks to grant 20% attack speed, 20% attack damage, 20% armour penetration or 2% chance of soul steal.]

    [For every 10 stacks after this soul steal chance increases by 2% with a limit of 30%. In addition to this, you also reinforce your body by 5% per 10 stacks for a maximum of 40%.]

    [When consumed, stack count reset. Stack effects don't transfer to a second target. Stack effects only last for a minute.]

    Reading the description, Shiro raised her eyebrows in surprise.

    For her, this weapon was simply amazing since she could reinforce her body without a second divinity.

    Though it was a little unfortunate that the stack effects don't transfer so she can't just keep a rock monster in her back and have him carry 100 stacks for her to use.

    If she could do that then she'd be able to always keep the 40% body reinforcement on for more than just one minute.

    Retracting the chain, she wondered if it'd retract like her bow and with that thought, it faded into her sigil.

    With two blessed weapons in her hands, one long range and one mid ranged, she was rather prepared but Shiro knew that this was nowhere near what she needed if she wanted to complete the primordial towers.

    Shaking her head, she had to wait for some decent armour and a sword before even thinking about it.