Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 331

    Chapter 331: Extreme (3)

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    The party chose the Grainsgate Plains, not too far away from the northern outpost of the Honam Region of the Demonic Cult. It was not a large area, but there were no people coming across the region, so it was a fitting place to fight. It was a duel held in secrecy, so warriors of the outpost stood guard with a 3-mile perimeter.

    It was a duel of a century that any martial artist would pay to watch. It was a fight between the strongest warrior of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun, and one of the top five powerful warriors of Yulin, Martial Dual Sword Wang Jing. Normally, a simple duel would be done with wooden swords but this didn't work for them anyway. These two strongest warriors of the entire Yulin were weapons themselves even without any weapons on them.

    Explosions kept erupting throughout the plains. Those who were watching from afar away turned to where the sound was coming from and were shocked.

    "I-is that a fight between martial artists?"