My Youth Began With Him
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    My Youth Began With Him Chapter 797

    Chapter 797 Master Sus Wrath For The Sake Of The Beauty 8

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    Every time Su Yu was so serious, she didn’t know how to reply…

    So, she could only pretend to have not seen the message.

    Su Yu really did miss her; he wanted to celebrate with her, see her smile, and just be beside her.

    However, that was a luxury to him…

    “What’s wrong?” Qin Chu leaned over and glanced at Huo Mian’s phone.

    She had already quickly logged out of her Weibo…

    “Nothing, I just posted a picture of us together, and the fans seemed to have gone crazy. The comments are already numbering in the tens of thousands,” Huo Mian pursed her mouth into a smile.

    “With someone as handsome as Mr. Qin in your picture, posting it is sure to cause an uproar,” Zhu Lingling smiled.

    The group finished dining at around ten in the evening…

    Huo Mian wanted to ask them to stay the night, but normally, people wouldn’t stay the night somewhere else, as it was inconvenient.

    Gao Ran drove Zhu Lingling home, and Wei Liao drove Jiang Xiaowei…

    Zhixin and his mother stayed at South Hill Manor because Huo Mian forcibly asked them to.

    “Mom, after you guys move to your new home next week, you’ll be even closer to me.”

    Huo Mian leaned on Yang Meirong’s shoulder and acted like a spoiled little girl…

    “Yeah, at my age, I didn’t think that anything special would happen, but you’ve graced me,” Yang Meirong exclaimed…

    “You and Zhixin mean so much to me, it’s natural for me to treat you guys this way. Don’t feel burdened.”

    “I know, once your Auntie Wu and the others heard that you bought me a new house, they were dying with envy”

    “Is Auntie Wu’s son married yet?” Huo Mian asked.

    “No, he dated someone a while ago, but they seemed to have disagreed over the bridal gift and broke up She really likes putting her nose in her son’s business, sometimes even I can’t bear with it,” Yang Meirong complained.

    Huo Mian just smiled…

    “Mian we held you back in the past If you didn’t stay here to take care of me and Zhixin, you would’ve gone to Jing University, not a third-rate medical school. You shouldn’t have graduated as a nurse either, getting bullied and pushed around by everybody Your Uncle Jing blessed you from his afterlife, and now, you’re finally a doctor. Mian, Mom’s proud of you.”

    Seeing her daughter defy rules and expectations to become a first-level doctor, Yang Meirong felt bittersweet in her heart.

    As she went through heart-wrenching moments, tears fell from her eyes…

    When Qin Chu and Zhixin got back from outside, they saw the scene unfold before them.

    “Mom, why are you crying?” Zhixin’s heart ached a little.

    “Nothing, I was just talking about the past, and how we held your sister back Otherwise, she would’ve succeeded earlier; she didn’t have to wait until now.”

    “Let it go, Mom To me, what I went through was good training I never complained about anything, everybody chooses the path of life that they want to take. I already have everything I ever wanted You, Zhixin, Qin Chu, you are all my most beloved family members, and I am really grateful for and satisfied with what I have now.”

    Huo Mian said with tears circling her eyes…

    Qin Chu was moved, he walked over and held Huo Mian’s waist…

    Zhixin changed the topic and said, “Mom It’s a shame that you didn’t go out to look, there’s a rainbow fountain outside, it’s so beautiful. There’s a super big amusement park over there too. Big Sis’s future kid will be dying of joy. They don’t need to travel to go to a place like Disneyland since there is one in their house, it’s too magical.”

    Speaking of kids, Yang Meirong remembered something and reminded them, “You two, don’t just focus on work and hurry up, you’re not that young anymore Have a child while I am still young and can look after the kids for you.”

    “Eh, I know, Mom You’ve said it many times.”

    Huo Mian had grown tired of hearing it.

    The next morning, after having breakfast together, Zhixin brought his mother back to their old home.

    Huo Mian, on the other hand, went to South Side.

    Right as she entered her office, the sweet aroma of flowers shot up her nostrils as she saw a bundle of lilies…

    Just then, she got a WeChat message on her phone…

    “Are the flowers pretty?”