My Youth Began With Him Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Huo Mians Opponent 1

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Huo Mian smiled upon hearing this, but she didn’t say anything

“What are you smiling at?” Annie Liang asked in an unfriendly tone.

“On Weibo, Ni Yang has 40 million followers, Mo Xue’er has 55 million followers, and Miss Liang, I think you only have 7 million followers.”

Annie Liang immediately looked at Huo Mian scornfully. “They bought zombie fans, my fans are real people.”

“Calm down, let me finish Within 24 hours, Ni Yang’s posts are shared 100,000 times, and he gets 180,000 likes and 90,000 comments. Mo Xue’er’s posts are shared 170,000 times, and she gets 210,000 likes and 110,000 comments. Miss Liang, you, on the other hand you say that your 7 million followers are real, but within 24 hours, your posts are only shared 5,000 times, and you only get 20,000 likes and 2,000 comments.”

Perhaps Huo Mian’s exposition of Annie Liang embarrassed her

She looked down to play with her nails. Then, she said in contempt, “That doesn’t mean anything. Weibo’s data is controlled by fake netizens. Anything, including the number of concert attendees, album sales, and movie box office grosses can all be falsified.”

“But company profits cannot be faked. I took a look at the Finance Department’s report During the one month since Mo Xue’er signed with GK, she’s accepted 3 movies, 7 advertisements, and a spy drama. The spy drama offered her 4 million yuan per episode, with a total of 50 episodes. Ni Yang has accepted 7 movies, 3 advertisements, 1 app advertisement, and 7 musical festivals. As for you, due to your scandal since you signed with us, no one has offered you any contracts. You were offered 2 TV shows, but they only offered you 100,000 yuan per episode, and because it wasn’t suited to your high status, GK didn’t accept it That means since the three of you signed with GK, you’ve made less than 0.2% of the amount Mo Xue’er and Ni Yang made GK is a business that is driven by profit, we’re not a charity. Therefore, the company values numbers and data Ever since your scandal broke out, GK has been working hard to mend your reputation You don’t have to thank us for it, but is it really okay for you to ignore company arrangements and demand to show your face during GK’s 30-year-anniversary party, trouble President Qin, and compete with other celebrities?”

“I” Annie Liang thought that although Huo Mian was President Qin’s wife, she was just a little nurse who worked at a hospital. Aside from utilizing the president’s love for her to wreak havoc, she didn’t know much else.

Therefore, she looked down on her; to her surprise, however, Huo Mian began talking numbers with her.

After what she said, Annie Liang felt speechless and ashamed

“According to your contract, your scandal has already affected GK, and we have all the right and reason to bury you You may say that GK might lose money if we do so since we did spend a lot of money bringing you onboard but let me tell you, GK does not lack capital, and we don’t care about your signing bonus. President Qin is a fair man who is willing to give everyone a shot at fame He didn’t want to end your career as a celebrity, so you should thank him, rather than take advantage of his kindness Nothing comes of threatening your boss, seriously. You should think about it. As for your request to appear during the golden hours of television, I can tell you right now, don’t even think about it The program’s already set, so you only have three choices. You can sing with the others, or you can refuse, and we’ll find someone else to replace you. Of course, your last option is to run back to Imperial Star but I do hope that President Su is willing to pay the 180 million yuan in penalty fees for you.”

After she finished, Huo Mian got up and walked to Qin Chu, ignoring her presence

Annie Liang’s face turned pale white

Huo Mian’s words were exactly what she was afraid of. Originally, she wanted to take this opportunity to scare her boss, threatening Qin Chu that she’ll go back to Imperial Star. However, she knew that President Su would never pay a penalty fee that high.

After all, she wasn’t worth that much

She had originally wanted to cozy up to President Qin and ask him to give her a chance to perform alone during the golden hours of television

However, she was unlucky enough to bump into Mrs. Qin, who made herself very clear.

She had the choice between being buried or singing with the others

Annie Liang thought about it. Then, she stood up and said, “President and Mrs. Qin, I’m willing to listen to the company’s arrangements. Thank you, Mrs. Qin, for telling me all that.”

“Go home, remember to show up at the hotel on time tomorrow.” Huo Mian smiled.

After Annie Liang left, Qin Chu looked up and smiled at Huo Mian, “Honey why did you say all that to her? We should’ve just banned and buried her.”