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    Xue Lin asked, "Before you plotted against me, didn't you know that I'm a psychiatrist?If I was mentally ill, did you think I would get the certificate to become a professional psychiatrist?"

    "!!!" Bai Yue didn't know that Xue Lin was a renowned psychiatrist. She didn't know anything about Xue Lin because she didn't think that she was worthy of anything. 'What am I going to do? What if I lose today? No, I cannot panic, I have to think carefully.'

    She put on a confident smile and said, "Who said that I have no evidence? I have the perfect evidence that you are not normal. You talk to yourself, alone! I can show you a video."

    Xue Lin interrupted her, "Evidence aside, don't you know talking to your own self is good for mental health? Since you lack knowledge and I have too much to share with you all, let me tell you, if we speak out loud, it forces us to slow down our thoughts and process them differently because we engage the language centers of our brain. This creates a slower process to think, feel, and act, instead of being bombarded by our thoughts. And, we all talk to ourselves constantly. You may speak aloud or speak in your mind you are still speaking to yourself."

    Xue Lin raised her eyebrow. "Are you still going to say that I've lost my mind?"

    Bai Yue pointed a finger at her and stuttered, "..Y-you hallucinate y-you don't talk to yourself but you imagine people and talk to them."

    Xue Lin tilted her head and it bumped into her husband's head. She kept her head locked with his and said, "Show me."

    As a result, they went to the security room and Bai Yue took out a videotape from her purse. It was taken by one of her men and when the video started, they saw Xue Lin was roaming around in the empty corridor of the hospital in the middle of the night and then she suddenly stopped and moved her mouth. Anyone would think that she was talking to an imaginary person and that would lead them to think that she became insane.

    Bai Yue smiled triumphantly and said, "Did you see that? She turned into a crazy person. She talks to herself."

    Xue Lin said, "Oh, I remember now. I've been seeing a woman in a red dress for a while and I went to investigate. Then I realized that it wasn't a ghost or something. It's a projector. I thought it's for the people, you know if they are scared of ghosts they cannot do anything. That's why I didn't say anything."

    "Are you color blind? It's not a woman in a red dress but a green dress." Bai Yue snapped.

    "Oh, that's right. It's a woman in a green dress. Sorry, my bad," Xue Lin apologized. She saw Bai Yue's satisfied expression and asked her, "How do you know that it's a woman in a green dress but not in a red dress? Are you familiar with it?"

    "T-That's" Bai Yue stuttered but soon she controlled her expression. "What are you implying?"

    Xue Lin shrugged. "What am I implying? You are the one who said that that woman was wearing a green dress."

    Bai Yue glared at her and clenched her teeth. "What nonsense! You cannot prove anything!"

    Xue Lin replied, "Do you want to bet? Let's say, if I win, you will give me what I want. What do you say?"

    Bai Yue frowned. "What do you want?"

    "I haven't decided yet. Why don't we sign a paper first?" Xue Lin looked at Ge Chen and told him, "Let me down."

    Ge Chen let her down and asked someone to bring a blank paper. Then, he wrote down the rules of the bet. In the meantime, lawyers from both sides came as well.

    Bai Yue said, "If I win, I will have all of your properties."

    "Ah, sounds fair." Xue Lin easily agreed.

    After Ge Chen wrote down everything, the lawyers checked and approved it. Afterward, Xue Lin and Bai Yue signed the papers and as witnesses, the lawyers signed the papers as well.

    Xue Lin huffed. "I didn't think it would be such a grand process. Let's get down to business." She looked at the security officer and ordered him, "Show us what you know."

    The security officer showed a video clip where Bai Yue was talking to a security officer in a private room of a restaurant. Surprisingly, it was the same security officer who was showing the video.

    On the screen, Bai Yue instructed him, "You will do exactly what I tell you. Run this projector to show the image to that b*tch only when she is alone. Do you understand?" She handed a package that had a small box inside. Inside the box was the projector.

    "Yes Ma'am, I will do as you said." The security officer bowed and left with the package.

    After he left Bai Yue relaxed and sipped on the tea delightfully. "I have already shown her in the morning. I cannot take the risk again. If she sees that at night when everyone is asleep, no one will believe her when she tells everyone that she saw a ghost. They will think she is mentally ill. She will be sent to a mental hospital and then I'll make sure she stays an idiot for the rest of her life. I've prepared medicine that will make her a retard until she dies." She laughed evilly.

    "It's utter nonsense!" Bai Yue screamed and tried to stop the video but the security guards stopped her. "This is a conspiracy! Nothing like this ever happened. This is the first time I've ever seen this guy!" She pointed at the security officer.

    The security officer said, "What are you saying, Ma'am? You have given me five million RMB for this job. I've even brought the bank doc.u.ments to let everyone know that I'm working under you!"

    "!!!" Bai Yue was speechless. If she knew that he was such an idiot, she would've never hired him.