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    Seeing two people on the right side and one person on the left side, Xue Lin instantly chose the left side. As the burly man on the left came closer, she used her left side and kicked the man in his crotch with her left leg. She couldn't use much force but still tried.

    "Huk!" The man clasped his crotch and knelt on the floor.

    Xue Lin swiftly moved away and got out of the way before the man on the right side could catch her. She took the water jar from the table and threw water at his face. She didn't even have time to check if the water hit his face perfectly. She smashed the jar on the head of the man who was kneeling down. Afterward, he was unable to get up. He fainted on the spot.

    Xue Lin took this opportunity and ran out of her room. Her right leg was still not fully healed. It hurt but it didn't hurt like that time. She heard from behind that Bai Yue was screaming, "Get her! She is getting away!"

    It made Xue Lin run faster. The nurses, doctors and patients were all looking at her in curiosity and surprise.

    The burly men came out and chased her. The male doctors and male nurses tried to stop them. A nurse called the security. They all knew who Xue Lin was. They were beyond terrified that she was in danger.

    Those burly men punched and fought against the doctors and nurses. Bai Yue came out and she was fuming mad seeing that the doctors and nurses preventing her men to catch Xue Lin.

    She snapped at everyone, "Why are you stopping my people? We have to catch that mentally sick girl!"

    The doctors and nurses stopped. They were confused. They knew her identity. She was the mistress of the Ge Family. They didn't know if they should disobey their boss's step-mother.

    Bai Yue was satisfied with their confusion and signaled her men to catch Xue Lin quickly.

    Xue Lin was hiding in a doctor's room with a nurse's help. The wound reopened and blood covered the white bandage. The nurse carefully re-bandaged it.

    Meanwhile, those burly men were searching all the rooms to find her.

    The nurse said, "Madam, why don't you hide in the cabinet?"

    Xue Lin frowned. "If I do that, the doctors, nurses and patients will get hurt."

    The nurse said, "Someone already called the police. They will come soon."

    "That big b.r.e.a.s.ted woman is the wife of a shameless powerful man. I don't think police can do anything." Xue Lin's face darkened.

    "!!!" The nurse was in awe when she heard Xue Lin badmouthing her in-laws.

    The last thing she ever wanted was to sacrifice herself for people she didn't even know. However, she couldn't sit here either. Her legs were itching to kick those men again. Although, thinking how her pure leg touched that man's groin, it made her feel disgusted.

    Xue Lin and the nurse could hear children's screams from outside. 'They touched the kids? Just because they couldn't catch me, they dared to touch the kids! Power makes people monsters!'

    Xue Lin lost her cool. She stood up and dragged her body. She opened the door and bumped into someone. She hurt her nose and touched it. When she raised her head to see the owner of the steel chest, she found out it was none other than Ge Chen.

    Xue Lin was never this happy to see her husband. Her face beamed. "My husband!"

    Ge Chen didn't look happy at all. It was almost as if he knew that she would be here. He looked at her leg first. "You had to re-bandage it." He commented calmly. His face was expressionless.

    For some reason, Xue Lin felt that a storm was going inside his head. She held his hand and said, "I'm all right. You are here."

    That didn't change Ge Chen's expression. He bent a little, held Xue Lin's thigh with the left arm and her back with his right arm, and then carried her.

    Despite the situation, Xue Lin's face turned beet red in embarrassment and she quickly hugged his neck. If it was their home, she wouldn't be this shy. It was a hospital and people they didn't know were looking at them.

    To hide her shyness Xue Lin whispered, "My husband, I hit that busty woman and kicked her bodyguard's crotch. You should have seen my moves."

    "Mmm. I will see it later." Ge Chen replied and strode to the direction of her room.

    Bai Yue first saw Ge Chen and stopped on her track. Her men gathered around her. Her voice shrilled as she pointed out at Xue Lin, "Xiao Chen, let go of this woman this instant. She is a mentally sick person. How can she stay in the same society as us?"

    Ge Chen stayed quiet. His eyes were as ferocious as a hyena.

    Xue Lin didn't wait for her husband to defend her. She spoke for herself, "I know it's you who is mentally retarded. You are just projecting your own problems on to me."

    The public was watching the unfolding drama while holding their breath.

    Bai Yue gritted her teeth and said, "Who is retarded?! You sl*t! You dare talk nonsense!"

    Xue Lin shrugged, "You are the one who is screaming and harming the people in this hospital, not me." She was calmer than before because she now had her husband with her.

    Bai Yui twisted her lips. "All mentally ill people claim that they are not mentally ill."

    Xue Lin let out a laugh. "Did you see any clear-minded person having to announce themselves as not mental? You make me laugh. Before you had plotted against me, didn't you know that I'm a Psychiatrist? If I was mentally ill, did you think I would get the certificate to become a professional Psychiatrist? Are you a grown-up by physical appearance only? I suggest you check your brain. Why don't I recommend you a mental hospital in Germany? It's really good."

    The onlookers started laughing in secret.