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    Chapter 167 Not With Li Xinger

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    Normally, the filming started from the internal scenes before going further into the external scenes.

    The second internal scene took place at night, when Gu Changfeng and Lin Qingxue were supposed to have a romantic relationship with each other.

    Lin Qingxue, the character that was played by Li Xinger, was the Princess of the Southern Dynasty and was accepted to be the disciple of several masters in society.

    After she had grown up, she turned out to be a very elegant and intelligent girl, and was considered to be a prestigious talent in the world.

    The Treasure Map of the Mingyue Group did exist, but the real version was not in the possession of Gu Changfeng but instead in Lin Qingxues possession.

    Due to leaked information, Gu Changfeng revealed that he had the Treasure Map, so that all of the enemies and assassins would go after him, rather than Lin Qingxue, who could then smoothly find the treasure according to the map.

    After the treasure was found, it would be used as a military fund so that the army could be built up strongly to defend the cavalryman from Mongolia that were approaching.

    It was a scene where Gu Changfeng went out and ended up being hunted.

    Gu Changfeng packed up his things and was about to leave when Lin Qingxue came over in a hurry after she received the news. She pushed the door open and confronted Gu Changfeng.

    "Brother Changfeng!"

    Fu Shiyi stayed silent for a long time after he stared at Lin Qingxue who came in, in a hurry.

    "Cut!" Yi An shouted loudly.

    Li Xinger backed out and when everyone was at their positions, they did the scene once again.

    But Yi An cut them off again at the part where they had just met each other.


    After three failed takes in a row, Yi An asked them to come over.

    "Lin Qingxue, you are playing a talented woman so dont make her look so gentle. She has to look intelligent and generous"

    Fu Shiyi nodded and agreed.

    "Yes, I feel the same."

    Seeing that he was commenting on others acting, Yi An was annoyed and hit him on the head with the script.

    "You are the worst! Gu Changfeng is in love with Lin Qingxue, so you must compress the surprise and joy inside your heart and hold the love in your eyes. You must also show a firm resolution to fight for her but you were just like a dumb block of wood"

    Having heard him, Fu Shiyi looked at Li Xinger then he looked at the director and showed an expression that he just could not do that with her!

    He just could not make himself fall in love after facing Li Xingers face let alone even sacrificing himself for her.

    Unexpectedly, the two of them failed two more takes.

    Yi An got so annoyed that he said to his assistant, "Where is Mu Weiwei? Bring her over here."

    So the assistant asked Mu Weiwei, who had just finished practicing martial arts with the director, to go to the filming site.

    Yi An gave the script to her and said, "Have you gone through this scene? You can show them!"

    "Me? Show them?" Gu Weiweis lips twitched.

    She was just a supporting role and she would be seriously offending them if she really showed them how to act out the scene.

    "They kept doing failed takes, you demonstrate for Shiyi!" Yi An said.

    "But I am a girl, yet you are asking me to show an expression of love to the female lead?" Gu Weiwei felt concerned inwardly.

    This was a scene in which Gu Changfeng and Lin Qingxue were supposed to show love to each other, but she had to face Li Xinger whom she hated and show love to her.

    It was way too difficult.

    Yi An patted her shoulders confidently. "I believe that you can do it."

    Feeling helpless, Gu Weiwei thought that she herself did not even believe in herself to do this thing well.