Murder The Dream Guy Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Looks & Wealth

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The atmosphere seemed to have frozen the moment this man sat down.

Xiang Wan looked at Bai Muchuan.

His casual greeting indicated that he didn't seem surprised to see this stranger.

"Let's all sit down.

"Get them to serve the dishes faster.

"The guests are hungry!"

The owner, Abdul, instructed the waitress outside the private dining room and joined them by taking a seat with the beautiful girl sitting beside him.

As they were not familiar with each other, it was especially awkward to sit together.

Thus, although the hotpot before them looked good, it seemed to suddenly lose its flavor.

Apparently, the amount of curiosity was greater than hunger. Everyone was guessing the identity of this man and did not feel hungry at the moment.

Was he Brother Steel? Or someone from the Dark Clan?

They were quiet as they were filled with questions in their stomach.

Bai Muchuan had a calm expression and would definitely not open