Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 163

    Chapter 163: My Wife's Waist Is Really Slim

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    The next day, Mu Chenyan got up really early and made breakfast because she was preparing to go to the cemetery. Once Yuan Xuan had properly tidied up, the man suddenly passed his tie to her.

    "Thank you for your hard work, Mrs Yuan!" Yuan Xuan's completely earnest manner was extremely annoying. His gaze was filled with anticipation.

    Mu Chenyan took the dark red tie from him and held her breath before she quietly approached him.

    She was not considered to be of a small stature but she appeared extremely petite in front of Yuan Xuan's 1.88m physique.

    Her fingertips intertwined as she tied his necktie and silently endured his unreasonable 'harassment'.

    A short while later, Yuan Xuan placed his hand on her waist and gently stroked it before he sighed and said, "Mmhmm, my wife's waist is really slim..."

    Moments later, the tip of his nose shifted towards the top of her head where he inhaled the scent there. He appeared intoxicated before his tone became faintly indiscernible as he softly said, "My wife smells like fragrant flowers..."

    A handsome man who could earnestly act like a flirty gangster was very powerful.

    Mu Chenyan's little face blushed as she avoided his dazzling gaze and his hands that were taking advantage of her.

    Yuan Xuan loved smelling the intoxicating scent of her body. This scent was neither the heavy aroma of perfume nor the flowery fragrance of shower gel.

    That scent was distinct to only her and it was exclusive in the world.

    Perhaps this was the scent of a woman that the poets spoke about...

    Mu Chenyan finally broke through the heavy obstacles and finished tying the necktie. She lowered her head and remained speechless. Although she was embarrassed and could not stand his harassment anymore, she patiently endured it nonetheless.

    This caused Yuan Xuan's gloomy emotions to slowly improve. He inwardly told himself that although they were still estranged, their fondness for each other would grow as time passed. He had the time to wait.

    He had done so many things to make this woman stay. Although the price that he paid was somewhat too steep, it was enough because she chose to stay by his side in the end.

    The current Yuan Xuan would never have thought that many years later, he would constantly stare blankly as he caressed the clothes that she had left behind as he was already used to that scent. He would search for the scent of her body between the threads of the cloth...

    It was harder for him to imagine that he would walk on the same path as her, sat where she sat, ate the food she ate, listened to the songs she listened, and rested his head on her pillow many years later. However, he could not cure himself from the insomnia that he suffered throughout the whole night...



    The last time she came here, Mu Chenyan had just been released from prison.

    Her mood was extremely somber every time she came here.

    Things remain, yet he is here no more. Her father who used to charge through the battlefield now lay below the icy ground for two years now. Despite being his daughter, she had not seen him during his final moments.

    Mu Chenyan placed the tributes that she had brought along before the stone tablet. She looked around and noticed that her surroundings were completely silent.

    It was already winter and it was still early now as the cold winds continuously blew. Mu Chenyan's heart was slightly fearful and emotional.

    In the process of trusting Feng Rao, she had certainly undergone an intense mental struggle as well.

    Feng Rao was not a kind person and numerous unpleasant events had previously occurred between them too. If Feng Rao used this opportunity to retaliate against her, she would definitely die without a doubt.

    However, she could not bear the temptation of meeting her brother.

    However, she was worried that the phone that Yuan Xuan had given her contained questionable elements like monitoring or tracking abilities.

    The hospital was fatally suffocating. Since Yan Mei was already under Yuan Xuan's strict surveillance, she was worried that she was not better off either.

    Thus, Mu Chenwu had thought of using an outdated method such as getting Feng Rao to deliver a paper note to call her out.

    Since this was a cemetery that was surrounded by a wide open space, he could escape anytime if he was really in danger.

    In her heart, Mu Chenyan repeatedly imagined herself in the situation which she would meet her brother. She also continuously convinced herself to believe Feng Rao this one time.

    Although she was taking a huge risk, she took certain things into consideration and brought Yuan Tian along.

    Yuan Tian was waiting outside the cemetery. That girl had pure intentions and could not think too far ahead, but she served as a deterrence towards Feng Rao.

    Even if Feng Rao was extremely brave, she would never dare to pick a fight with the Yuan Family.