Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 54

Chapter 54: She'll Be Downstairs in Twenty Minutes

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Hearing Lin Nuan's footsteps on the stairs, Fu Huai'an glanced towards her direction and said in a milder tone, "Pick somebody else."

By the time he hung up the phone, Lin Nuan had already reached the first floor. She said, "Mr. Fu, if there's nothing else then I'll be on my way."

Fu Huai'an nodded.

The cold breeze greeted her as she walked out of his condo. She finally felt the temperature of her face drop.

Lin Nuan walked out of the condominium neighborhood and got into a cab. She gave the driver her neighborhood's address.

Looking at the dark sky outside, she thought about how Fu Huai'an had never disagreed to anything Lu Jinnan had said in their talk earlier today. A troubled expression spread across her face.

Perhaps Fu Huai'an thought the same—that's why he never mentioned collecting the marriage certificate again.

After all, Fu Huai'an had no other reason to marry her other than the fact that Tuan Tuan saw her as his mother.

Maybe the majority of men were similar to Lu Jinnan. They were fundamentally players, and they saw women as trophies, as if the more they conquered the more it showed how much charm they had.

If they weren't players it was only because they didn't have enough wealth or looks. But once a man had a decent amount of the two, they wouldn't be the exception—not even Lin Nuan's father in the Lin Family.

Judging solely from how smooth and experienced Fu Huai'an was that night when he flirted with her, he definitely wasn't as held back and restrained as the public persona that the media crafted of him.

Like attracts like…

If he was socializing with somebody like Lu Jinnan, how much character could he himself have?

Perhaps Fu Huai'an thought her type was unable to tolerate his superficial flings, and so he decided to give up on the thought of marrying her.

Lin Nuan took a shower after she reached home. She had a nice good sleep. By the time she woke up, it was already evening.

Lin Nuan felt a bit thirsty and hot as the bedcovers were too thick.

Her WeChat kept sending in notifications. She searched for her phone on the bed and unlocked it as she lay back.

It was the Stars Neighbourhood's rental group. They were complaining and questioning the management on why the electricity hadn't come back on after being fixed for two hours.

She rolled over and tried to switch on her lamp. The electricity was indeed not working.

She used the dim light from her phone to get up but she accidentally knocked over her square purse on the table chair. The contents inside spilled over.

As Lin Nuan bent over to pick them up, the whole room lit up. Fu Huai'an name popped up before her eyes on the identity document she was holding. Her narrowed eyes suddenly grew huge.

She turned another page and saw Fu Tuan Tuan's name. She finally confirmed that she'd taken the wrong identity document.

She smacked her forehead. Why didn't she take a good look at it when she took it?

Lin Nuan hesitated for a long time before finally deciding to dial Fu Huai'an's number.

She answered the phone. Fu Huai'an didn't say anything on the other end so she broke the silence first, "Mr. Fu, my apologies, I took the wrong identity card."

"Where are you?" Fu Huai'an asked.

"Stars Neighbourhood."

"Be downstairs in twenty minutes…"

He hung up the phone without giving Lin Nuan a chance to respond.

She looked down at the identity card in her hands and blamed herself for being so careless.

She knew Fu Huai'an was always punctual. She waited for fifteen minutes then slipped on a gray hoodie and went downstairs.

The moment she walked out the elevator she saw a black Bentley parked at the door of her apartment.

She recognized it as Fu Huai'an's car. She briskly walked to the car but found that it was empty inside.

The phone in her blouse pocket vibrated. She took it out and saw Fu Huai'an's contact ID. As she picked up the phone she heard his deep voice at the other end, "Open the door…"