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    Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 1161

    Chapter 1161 Youre The God Of Studies What Is There To Worry About?

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    She had to provide for him!

    He was her lover, so who was going to provide for him if not her?

    Yun Liuli, who returned to the hostel, took out her laptop and counted with her fingers the cost of the items Gu Qingcheng used, plus clothes and stuff like that

    When she was done with her sums, Yun Liuli nearly broke down!

    Even if she were to start working after graduation, as a fresh graduate, she would at most receive a salary of 6000 yuan a month. Six thousand yuan wasnt even enough to buy one leather shoe for her lover!

    So scary!

    Based on Gu Qingchengs plan to be gone for three years three years later, when she graduated, what would she use to provide for her lover!

    Hence, Yun Liulis little head started filling up with new worries about how to earn money!

    Right, she had to get her spirits up. She had to become an immensely wealthy woman before Gu Qingcheng returned. Only then would she be able to provide for her lover!

    Guan Nina, who just woke up and was still looking sleepy, was shocked to see Yun Liuli doing her calculations at the desk. "Liuli, youre back?"

    "Mm!" Yun Liuli distractedly closed her laptop. "I have class this morning. Also exams are just around the corner."

    "Youre the god of studies, what is there to worry about?" Ye Yingying flipped over and revealed her head from within the blanket as she spoke with sleepy eyes.

    "Exactly" Du Yingzi sat up and ran a hand through her long hair casually, bunching it into a loose ponytail. She chuckled. "Everyone has been praying to your photo the past few days, hoping the god of studies would at least bless them with a pass in their modules Its hilarious!"

    "And that perpetual second-in-class, he said you havent been coming to class recently and vowed solemnly to oust you from your number one spot!" Guan Nina said with righteous indignation as she sat down beside Yun Liuli.

    "Who is he to covet the top spot?" Yun Liuli packed her books and took her water bottle. "Im leaving!"

    "Aye! Wait for me!"

    Guan Nina, who was still in her teddy bear pajamas, called out. But Yun Liuli was already out that door.

    Yun Liuli reached the classroom early. The classroom was pretty empty at this hour

    When Yun Liuli entered the classroom, she saw someone wearing a black hoodie sitting in a corner.

    "Zhou Yuchen!" Yun Liuli called out, walking towards him naturally.

    When Zhou Yuchen heard Yun Liulis voice, his body froze. He then grabbed his books and backpack and walked out without turning back once.

    "Aye! Zhou Yuchen!" Yun Liuli shouted again. However, Zhou Yuchen had disappeared from Yun Liulis sight.

    Yun Liuli set down her books and water bottle and sat down next to where Zhou Yuchen was sitting, mumbling to herself, "Why did he run away at the sight of me as if he saw a ghost?"

    Yun Liuli sat down, then propped her chin up with one hand as she mulled over her plans to make big money.

    Guan Nina hurried into the classroom after washing up. She sat down next to Yun Liuli and nudged Yun Liulis arm with her elbow. "What did you write in your little notebook?"

    "I want to make money, so Im thinking of a fast way to make money"

    "Why do you need to make money?" Guan Nina was perplexed.

    "Provide" Yun Liuli stopped herself in her tracks and changed the topic. "Do you have something to say to me?"

    Yun Liuli asked, seeing this obvious intent on Guan Ninas face.

    "If you have the time, show Zhou Yuchen some concern!" Guan Ninas eyes reddened as she spoke.

    Yun Liuli frowned. She recalled Zhou Yuchen fleeing from her when he heard her voice. "Whats wrong with Zhou Yuchen?"

    "Xiao Yuan has been discharged from the hospital" Guan Nina said.

    What did that mean? It meant that Xiao Yuan was going to start seeking trouble with Zhou Yuchen.

    "Zhou Yuchen beat up Xiao Yuan so ferociously last time. So, Xiao Yuan stopped approaching him personally. Instead, he enlisted the help of hooligans to harass the family of Zhou Yuchens previous nanny. The nanny is on her second marriage Her stepson and stepdaughter couldnt take the harassment and, together with Xiao Yuans men, came to look for Zhou Yuchen with the nannys child!"

    Guan Ninas eyes were awfully red. "Either Zhou Yuchen gets beaten up, or the child in his nannys family gets beaten up. The child is only four Zhou Yuchen couldnt bear to see the child endure a beating, so he chose to take the beating!"

    Yun Liuli frowned.

    "Xiao Yuan paid those people to beat up Zhou Yuchen thrice a day. If Zhou Yuchen puts up any resistance, they said they would beat up the four-year-old child! Zhou Yuchen resisted once, and that very afternoon when the nanny picked her child up from kindergarten, a vehicle knocked into her bicycle. The child fell off the bike, and his head was injured and bled"

    "What about Xiao Yuan?" Yun Liuli asked. She couldnt suppress the fury seething in her heart.

    To think he would act against a four-year-old child. Yun Liuli really underestimated how despicable Xiao Yuan was.

    "Xiao Yuan is still recuperating at home, so he didnt come to school!" Guan Nina said with clenched teeth. "Zhong Qingfei and I went to Xiao Yuans house and asked him to stop Xiao Yuan smashed a vase and asked us to stay out of his affairs. The enmity between him and Zhou Yuchen it wont end until one of them perishes or unless Zhou Yuchen drops out of school. Liuli, what do we do? I dont want to see Zhou Yuchen drop out Although he ignores me, I still like him!"

    "If one of them has to perish, then let him be the one!" Yun Liulis voice was calm.

    A chill ran down Guan Ninas back upon hearing Yun Liulis words. She restrained that feeling and continued, "Liuli, why dont you talk with Zhou Yuchen? Get him to transfer to another school! If he continues staying in this school, he will be beaten to death!"

    Yun Liuli nodded. "I got it!"

    Recalling how Zhou Yuchen behaved earlier, Yun Liuli wondered if Zhou Yuchen left because he was beaten up again!

    Guan Nina tugged at Yun Liulis sleeve. "Why dont we go and look for Zhou Yuchen now? Lets wait at the school entrance and ask him not to come to school today, lest he is beaten up again! When I was coming up the stairs, I saw those hooligans who hassled Zhou Yuchen waiting for him downstairs!"

    Thinking of how Zhou Yuchen just left, Yun Liuli closed her little notebook with her brows furrowed. "Lets go!"

    When Guan Nina and Yun Liuli got downstairs, they didnt see those hooligans anymore. Guan Nina felt her scalp tighten. "Dont tell me they already captured Zhou Yuchen!"

    Yun Liuli glanced around. Based on her experience, she walked to the secluded rubbish area behind the school building.

    Indeed, those people were pushing Zhou Yuchen gleefully. "Aye I heard youre a good fighter, so why arent you retaliating? What a saint Youre enduring a beating for the sake of an unrelated four-year-old child! How very touching!"

    "Yes, I almost dont want to hit you! Alas, if one gives me money, I need to take care of his troubles. Dont worry once you drop out, we wont make things difficult for you!"

    "Right, drop out, and well be able to explain it to him. Its good for all of us!"