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    Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 1159

    Chapter 1159 Why Are You Saying Things Like This?

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    "My dad is a patient! I must not anger him! I must not anger him! I must not anger him!"

    After repeating her words thrice, Bai Xiaonian let out a long exhale. She opened her eyes and adjusted her expression then closed the pen she was holding and got to her feet, leaving the room

    Who knew, the instant she came out, she saw Lu Jinnan wiping the table.

    In the kitchen, Lu Jinnans fathers cheery voice could be heard. "Why did you shout at Xiaonian! Lu Jinnan merely got injured, its not like he became a cripple. Why cant he wipe the table? Xiaonian is so busy with her work! Dont add to Xiaonians troubles because of Lu Jinnans matter!"

    Bai Xiaonian walked over quietly. She took the rag from Lu Jinnans hand, feeling that her softening her heart and bringing Lu Jinnan back was a mistake. She wiped the table ferociously and said to Lu Jinnan, "After you recover scram out of my house!"

    Lu Jinnan didnt reply. He merely smiled at Bai Xiaonian, an indulging and doting look in his eyes.

    Lu Jinnans father came out with the dishes. Seeing Bai Xiaonian wiping the table and Lu Jinnan standing by the side, he lectured Lu Jinnan with a frown, "Youre an idle person on vacation now. You got stitches on your leg, but did you get stitches on your hand too? Why did you let Xiaonian wipe the table? Xiaonian has had a hard day at work! Why cant you dote on her!"

    When Bai Xiaonian heard this, she felt slightly more balanced psychologically. It then struck her were she and Lu Jinnan switched up like Lin Nuan and Lin Ran when they were babies?

    Why else would her biological father be so biased towards Lu Jinnan and Lu Jinnans father towards her!

    Lu Jinnan nodded repeatedly. His father was a solid teammate indeed!

    "Its okay, Uncle Lu. Lu Jinnan got injured because of me. I also hope that he recovers quickly. I can take care of all this!" Bai Xiaonian said with a smile.

    "Look at how sensible our Xiaonian is! Shes a strong career woman outside, but at home, shes excellent at doing chores and not at all pretentious! Shes not afraid of hardship and exhaustion!" Lu Jinnans father said, not forgetting to glare at Lu Jinnan. "If you and your brother were half as sensible as our Xiaonian, Id be able to die in peace!"

    Towards Lu Jinnans fathers shower of compliments, Bai Xiaonian felt a little guilty. She blushed a little and said, "Im not that great, Uncle Lu!"

    Lu Jinnans father didnt seem to mind that Bai Xiaonian hadnt changed how she was addressing him.

    Bai Xiaonians father had no idea, but Lu Jinnan did tell his father that Bai Xiaonian suffered a miscarriage and lost their child because he was acting spiteful towards her!

    Lu Jinnan didnt say when, but Lu Jinnans father guessed that it was perhaps because of this that a disheartened Bai Xiaonian refused to be with Lu Jinnan any longer and asked for a divorce!

    Lu Jinnans father, who was very fond of Bai Xiaonian to begin with, did all he could to treat Bai Xiaonian well! He wanted to give all his doting and love to Bai Xiaonian.

    These few days that Lu Jinnans father was staying at the Bais, he had personally cleaned Bai Xiaonians shoes!

    In brief, Lu Jinnans father was planning to make it up to Bai Xiaonian as her father-in-law, looking to redeem his son, who broke her heart.

    "Of course youre great!" Lu Jinnans father placed the dishes on the table. "Look at how humble our Xiaonian is, unlike todays boastful youngsters. Our Xiaonian is so modest. Uncle Lu has faith in you. Our Xiaonian is capable of great things Youll definitely become one of the most successful people, Uncle knows!"

    Bai Xiaonian laughed, the haze in her heart gradually dissipating

    After all, who wouldnt like being complimented!

    Especially for someone like Bai Xiaonian, who really liked hearing compliments!

    When Bai Xiaonian was young, she was clearly terrified of injections, but in order to hear the doctor praise her for being brave, she gritted her teeth and endured the needles with a smile!

    At that time, Bai Xiaonians mother was still around. Every time Bai Xiaonian was done with her jabs, she would say with a smile, "Our Xiaonian has a scary level of endurance when shes motivated by praise!"

    "Wash your hands and eat, Xiaonian! You need to work after youre done eating aye! Its really tough on you!" Lu Jinnans father then returned to the kitchen to bring out the other dishes.

    Bai Xiaonian wiped the table and washed her hands. By the time she came out, she was in a much better mood.

    During the meal, Bai Xiaonians father kept putting food in Lu Jinnans bowl, not at all stingy with his compliments of Lu Jinnan in front of his daughter, wanting her to change her mind about Lu Jinnan. More importantly, if it werent for Lu Jinnan today, his daughter might have been killed at the amusement park.

    On the other hand, Lu Jinnans father was heaping all kinds of praise on Bai Xiaonian, while deriding Lu Jinnan at the same time. In doing this, he managed to salvage the situation and succeeded in extinguishing the fury in Bai Xiaonians heart.

    However, when it came to night time, Lu Jinnans father left, and Bai Xiaonians father made the bed for Bai Xiaonian while assuming Lu Jinnan would sleep there as well. At that point, Bai Xiaonian lost it!

    "Dad, you whats the meaning of you laying out two blankets on the bed?" Bai Xiaonian asked, staring at the bed.

    "Youre a married couple, so, naturally, you should sleep in the same bed! Moreover, Jinnan is injured now. What will he do if he wants to go to the toilet at night, but theres no one by his side to help him?"

    Hur hur

    He absolutely wasnt her biological father. He must have carried the wrong baby home!

    "Is his leg broken or amputated? Why cant he go by himself? He merely got a few stitches, yet he needs to be taken care of like a porcelain doll? Hur hur married couple? Id rather live as a widow than have such a husband!"

    Bai Xiaonians father glanced outside the door, then lectured Bai Xiaonian in a hushed voice, "How can you talk like this? So vicious!"

    Bai Xiaonian didnt utter a word, merely staring at her father with a smile.

    "Stop fooling around!" Bai Xiaonians father warned Bai Xiaonian sternly. "Why are you becoming more and more insensible? If it werent for Lu Jinnan today, you and Xiao Nuan would have been in danger! We need to be grateful! Listen to me be good!"

    "So, did you carry the wrong baby home twenty plus years ago?"

    Bai Xiaonians father glared at her. "What nonsense are you talking about? Theres such a big difference in your and Jinnans ages, so how is that possible? If you have the time to weave these stories in your head, why not help me think of what tonic I can make for Jinnan tomorrow to strengthen his blood? Thatd be my good daughter!"

    "You didnt carry the wrong baby home? Then why do I feel like youre Lu Jinnans biological father and my stepfather?"

    Bai Xiaonians father straightened his body and glanced outside. Seeing Lu Jinnan talking on the phone on the balcony, he pulled Bai Xiaonians hand and said, "Xiaonian, Lu Jinnan is a really great guy! Look Dad has contracted such an illness, and I might be gone at any moment. I need to entrust you to someone trustworthy. Only then can I die in peace. If you continue with this fuss, Lu Jinnan might lose his patience and stop pestering you so eagerly. Which reliable person can I entrust you to if that happens?"

    Bai Xiaonian hadnt expected her father to say something like that. With a slightly grave expression, she said, "Why are you saying things like this? Youre in such good health! So long as you continue taking the medicine"