Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 978

Chapter 978: Entering The Fifth Dimension

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Chapter 978: Entering the Fifth Dimension

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The police determined she was murdered from the parts of her corpse they managed to salvage from the ocean. However, both Xinghe and Mubai agreed the murderer was dead, or else why would the man's wish be to help preserve Lylian's full body and not find the killer?

The killer must have been taken care of by the man and this Lylian was probably related to the man

"The child she gave birth to was a boy?" Xinghe asked.

"Yes, and it should be him," Xia Wa answered. So, it was him. No wonder he wanted to destroy the world, the things that happened to his mother were enough to make anyone hate the world.

"Why didn't he have us protect Lylian's safety?" Xinghe asked subconsciously, but the answer came to her as she received an answer. "Because Lylian has to die?"

Xia Wa nodded. "I think so, too. Lylian's death is probably related to that person. Perhaps someone must kill Lylian, and you might not be able to stop it. After all, changing things in the fourth dimension from the fifth dimension is not easy."

"We understand." Xinghe nodded. "Let us start now."

Mubai nodded in agreement. Xia Wa did not waste time and brought them to a dimension station she had built. This station was the combined effort of her and Ee Chen's parents and the rest.

However, human beings could not stay too long within it, so Xinghe and Mubai only had one or two days to change the past. However, when they were in fifth dimension, time in the fourth dimension was malleable, therefore, they technically had limitless amount of time.

The thing Xinghe and Mubai needed to do was to guide themselves from the past to complete this mission. This was a tough mission, and if they were unable to do this, the plan would fail. Xinghe and Mubai were not normal humans, even when they were in their teens, they were already very clever, so a little hint here and there should be more than enough to guide them.

Plus, if they cooperated, it would definitely be resolved. Then again, ten years ago, Xinghe was still living in Country W, and she would not have crossed paths with Mubai, so how were they going to cooperate to solve this mission?

Xinghe and Mubai came to the same solution; they would guide themselves in the past to go look for Lylian at Darlin Town. In other words, from the both of them, if one of them was successfully guided to Darlin Town, the mission would have been half-successful. Of course, it would be best if both of them could be guided to Darlin Town.

However, even if both of them were there, they would not know each other. This was because things in the past could not be changed too drastically. If they knew each other when they were young, their fate in the future might change.

There were too many difficulties awaiting them, but Mubai was still excited to meet the young Xinghe. Xinghe, curiously, was thinking the same thing

"We will focus on completing the mission; whether we end up meeting each other or not, that we will leave to fate," Xinghe told Mubai.

Mubai smirked. "I understand, but I have a feeling I will cross paths with you."

"Perhaps." Xinghe smiled thinly, but there was anticipation in her eyes. Then, two of them held hands as they stepped into the fifth dimension.