Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 977

Chapter 977: When Youre Fifteen

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Chapter 977: When You're Fifteen

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Or else, even after she woke up, with her power alone, she would not have been able to change anything. Therefore, Xia Wa felt it was destiny that Mubai and Xinghe ended up together. Perhaps God was silently helping them through this crisis.

"Madam, does the fifth dimension really exist?" Mubai asked with uncertainty.

Xia Wa nodded. "Yes."

"So, you wish for us to enter the fifth dimension to fulfil that person's wish?" Xinghe asked.

"Yes, that is my contract with him. If we succeed, he will give the world another 25 years."

In other words, even if they succeeded, the danger was not truly neutralized. However, they would have more time to salvage the situation; 25 years was more than enough time for them to do many things.

"Mother, you don't even know his actual identity, is he trustworthy?"

Xia Wa nodded confidently, "I believe him, then again, what other choice do we have?"

She was right; they were on the passive side, so they could only do everything they could.

"How do we go about this technically?" Mubai asked directly. He had taken on this mission fully, and there was no hesitation in his question.

Xia Wa looked at him gratefully and praised, "I am glad that you two have such courage. Don't worry, I will ensure your safety, but you only have one chance. If you cannot fulfil this man's wish, everything will be over."

Xinghe promised, "Don't worry, we will definitely succeed."

"I believe you. I chose the two of you for this mission because you two complement each other perfectly. You might not know each other after you return to the past, but you will still work well together. Therefore, doing this as a pair is going to greatly increase the success probability of this mission."

"What past are we returning to?" Xinghe asked.

Xia Wa answered, "To when you were fifteen years old."

Xinghe was startled. When she was 15? Wouldn't that be too young?

Xia Wa continued, "The man did not ask for anything hard, he only wished that we preserve the full body of a woman after she died. Therefore, what you need to do is to remind yourselves in the past to go look for this woman and take care of her funeral affairs, then the mission will be considered accomplished."

"Who is this woman?" Xinghe asked.

"This is her," Xia Wa handed them a picture and introduced. "Her name is Lylian. She lived in Country W's Darlin Town. She was killed in a murder case ten years ago, and the murderer cruelly dismembered her body and tossed the body parts into the ocean. What you need to do is to prevent the murderer from desecrating her body. I have also compiled all the information I can find on her, so you can take a look at it now."

Xia Wa then opened her laptop to show them the information on Lylian. Xinghe and Mubai thought Lylian was going to have a complicated background, but to their surprise, she was a simple and normal woman.

The only thing of note was she was raped and gave birth to a son. However, her son was stolen away from her, and she descended into depression, barely surviving on the streets. However, misfortune did not vacate her life. When she was 30, she was brutally murdered. The case until now was still not closed. No one knew who the murderer was, nor what the motive was.