Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 976

Chapter 976: Change Your Life

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Chapter 976: Change Your Life

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Xinghe could not help but laugh. "You want to kneel for your grandma?"

"Yes." Lin Lin nodded, his face suffused with religious piety. "It was like meeting a saint; I felt like giving her a few kowtows."

"You should kowtow to her," Mubai suddenly added.

The little fella was shocked. "So, I should have kowtowed? I was wrong to have suppressed the urge?"

"You can do it next time, perhaps she will teach you a thing or two in return, and you can kowtow to her then."

"Okay!" Lin Lin nodded and remembered that for the future. Xinghe laughed at their back and forth banter, but internally, she was worried. Could they still have a next time? How was her mother going to stop the apocalypse?

After returning to Hwa Xia, Xia Wa stopped bringing it up. She went about meeting the families. She told Xinghe and Mubai not to reveal anything. They agreed because there was no reason to cause panic unnecessarily.

After meeting everyone, Xia Wa was finally ready to deal with this. She told Xinghe and Mubai in private, "Follow me, the fate of the world depends on this trial."

"Okay." Xinghe and Mubai did not ask any questions and nodded in agreement. Xinghe had arranged everything before she left, and naturally, no one knew where they went. Neither Xinghe nor Mubai expected it would fall on their shoulders to save the world.

"He has a wish, if you are able to fulfil it for him, he is willing to give the world another 25 years of peace. Success or failure is all dependent on this one move. If you can fulfil his wish, we will be able to avoid this catastrophe, otherwise everything will end very soon," Xia Wa informed them.

Then, they realized they were going to stop the world in this manner. Xia Wa continued to explain, "When I was researching the fifth dimension, I accidentally tapped into the future. This might be destiny. Therefore, I have been researching this for many years, trying to change this ending. However, the results of these few years have barely been discernible. However, there is still hope because not everything cannot be changed. For example, I have changed your life and death," Xia Wa addressed Xinghe.

Xinghe was startled. "Mine?"

Mubai was shocked as well. Xia Wa nodded. "Yes, in the fifth dimension, I saw your death in an accident. I tried to caution you and thankfully you noticed it and avoided certain death."

Xinghe was stunned beyond words. Then she realized, during her first car accident, things were indeed curious. If there was not the sound of a newspaper that flickered behind her, she would not have subconsciously turned around and realized the car that was coming her way. She would not have been able to dodge out of its way. She would have died if the car had run into her head on.

Xinghe had not realized it was her mother who had saved her.

"You were responsible for that newspaper?"

Xia Wa nodded. "Yes, I can only do so much. After changing your fate, I had to enter hibernation to restore and preserve my energy. Thankfully, you have survived until now."

"You started your hibernation then?" Xinghe asked.

"Yes, my research into the fifth dimension took a lot out of me. To prepare for this moment, I could only choose hibernation. However, when I woke up, I realized things were not as bad as I'd expected. Thankfully, the two of you made the right moves every step of the way."