Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 971

Chapter 971: Your Heart Is Sin

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Chapter 971: Your Heart Is Sin

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However, the man could feel the immense presence coming off her. He had never been cautious around anyone before, but he knew he couldn't treat her as he did everyone else. She required more of his focus than when he was with He Lan Yuan.

However, he did not answer her. He, instead, asked a question of his own. "I have studied Madam Xia's personal information closely. You are indeed an incredible woman; I am shocked you managed to find the fifth dimension. Numerous scientists through time have attempted that, and you have succeeded where they failed."

"In contrast, I know nothing about you," Xia Wa commented softly.

The man smiled and replied with a shrug, "Alright then, what do you want to know? I will answer every question you have, and you're not wrong, I do want to destroy the world."

It was a serious claim, but it sounded eerily non-consequential from his mouth. It was like he was talking about breaking an egg, not the whole world.

Xia Wa looked into his eyes and saw within them a soul darker than He Lan Yuan's. He Lan Yuan wanted to rule the world, but this man did not have that ambition; there was only darkness; he wanted to destroy the world.

"This is your contract with He Lan Yuan? He is going to help you destroy the world?" Xia Wa asked.

The man shook his head and smiled. "No, he only gave me the power to do that. He thought I wanted to rule the world, when in reality, I just want to destroy it. Regardless, it makes no difference to him, and in return, I was to help him kill all of you."

Xia Wa was still unmoved when she heard that. She already knew He Lan Yuan wanted to kill them.

"If you think about it, destroying the world means killing all of you, so everything is going to be over soon." The man smiled slightly, and it was the first time Xia Wa had picked up any joy in his gaze. The thought of destroying the world brought him happiness.

"What have you done?" Xia Wa asked. She still did not show any volatile emotion even though she did not think he was bluffing.

The man steeple his fingers and said through a smile, "I have prepared some atomic bombs. How powerful are they? I believe one of them can blow up a small country and I have confidence that if all of them blow up, it will not only be a small country that will be devastated."

"So, the same method as He Lan Yuan."

"Not really, because I have already prepared bio-weapons, which I am sure Madam Xia knows the damage of. Actually, I have been having trouble deciding which method I should employ to destroy the world."

"Why do you want to destroy this world?" Xia Wa asked. Her eyes were like a pane of dark, shiny glass that could unveil everything.

The man, under her cold scrutiny, proffered his reason, "Because this world is sinful, it should not exist, wouldn't you agree?"

"That is because your heart is sinful."

"You're right, my heart is indeed full of sins." The man smiled gloatingly. "I have been preparing to destroy this world, and He Lan Yuan has given me the perfect opportunity. The purpose of his birth and existence was to facilitate my plan."

Xia Wa agreed with this. It was He Lan Yuan who had helped him complete his plan. Now this man had set up everything, and he could destroy the world with the push of a button.

"You wish to perish with the world?" Xia Wa asked.

The man started laughing like he had heard a funny joke.