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    Chapter 97 On Your Knees

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    Chapter 97: On Your Knees

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    Of course, a man pushed to the brink of despair wouldn't have any use for pride.

    Looks like Xiao Mo has learnt his lesson.

    Chui Ming thought pleasantly.

    Chui Ming was in an exceptionally fine mood that day. He was going to get the partnership with Xi Empire and had successfully taken his revenge against the b*tch, Xia Xinghe.

    Now he had Xiao Mo begging him for mercy, so how could his mood not be good?

    He straightened himself slowly. He literally looked down at Xiao Mo and said, "You want this back? Sure, but only after you get down on your knees and give me three kowtows."

    Xiao Mo could feel his wrath gathering.

    If not for the last stretch of rationality holding him back, he would knee Chui Ming in his gonads!

    He told himself to calm down.

    He couldn't let his recklessness ruin Xinghe's plan

    The bodyguards who detained him loosened their grip.

    Xiao Mo expended every ounce of self-control he had to give Chui Ming three kowtows.

    Every single kowtow made his desire to tear Chui Ming apart that much stronger.

    Every single kowtow increased the hatred he had for Chui Ming.

    It was torture for him, having to kowtow to his nemesis

    He would rather die than suffer such humiliation!

    However, he had no choice because he knew firsthand how vicious Chui Ming was.

    If Xiao Mo refused, Chui Ming would destroy the CD. Even though they had a back-up but they didn't have time to go retrieve it.

    Registration for the software testing was almost closed

    Everyone's hope was on his shoulders, he couldn't let this valuable opportunity go to waste!

    But he promised himself one day he would have Chui Ming pay. He would return three times the humiliation he suffered that day!

    Chui Ming's boisterous laughs echoed across the hall.

    He put his foot on Xiao Mo's shoulder, applied pressure and said, "Xiao Mo, as I've expected you are such a good doggie."

    He used the CD to pat Xiao Mo repeatedly on his face like he was playing with a puppy, adding, "This is yours for being such an obedient doggie. Don't go barking at the wrong people next time."

    Chui Ming left laughing triumphantly.

    He was confident that Xiao Mo couldn't come up with anything impressive. He was very familiar with Xiao Mo's ability, after all, it was he who stole Xiao Mo's software and rebranded it as King Kong Internet Security.

    Xiao Mo's initial software underwent a lot of editing and upgrades before it became the King Kong Internet Security today.

    Over the years, Chui Corps had stood firm on the market with the greatly improved King Kong Internet Security, while Xiao Mo languished away in poverty. There wasn't even a competition to speak of between the two.

    To conclude, Chui Ming didn't believe Xiao Mo could come up with anything that could threaten his victory.

    Even a genius couldn't come up with anything that could challenge King Kong Internet Security. After all, the power of one was still lesser than the power of many.

    That was the truth, Xiao Mo couldn't have posed Chui Corps any semblance of a threat.

    Alas, what Chui Ming failed to consider was the fact that the software in the CD wasn't made by Xiao Mo or any other normal genius

    It was written by Xinghe who by the age of ten was already crowned the Evil Genius of Programming!

    Of course, Chui Ming couldn't have known his rare merciful moment would soon cause him a big loss.

    A big, fatal loss!