Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 965

Chapter 965: Last Meeting

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Chapter 965: Last Meeting

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Under her leadership, it was like Hwa Xia was cheating; the good news kept coming. Under such a continuous stream of losses, Country W was scared into submission. Their navy retreated to open sea and did not dare to randomly attack anymore.

Hwa Xia's military was overjoyed when they noticed the retreat. However, Xinghe did not think this was the end. Country W had given everything they had to this infiltration plan, so they would not give up so easily. She made sure the military stayed on full alert. In any case, she reminded them to not let their guard down simply because their enemies had retreated.

At the same time, she cooperated with other countries to usher in He Lan Yuan's execution. No matter whether Country W cooperated with He Lan Yuan or not, he could not be allowed to live. No one had any issue with regards to He Lan Yuan's execution.

The United Nations could not withstand the whole world's pressure, so they finally relented. However, He Lan Yuan's physical condition drastically deteriorated, and he was dying even without the execution. He had one last request, and it was to meet Xia Wa before he died. He requested that the United Nations fulfil his dying wish, and in exchange for locating Xia Wa, he would give them anything they wanted. To extract more information from He Lan Yuan, like how he managed to create a world crisis, the United Nations agreed to his demand. However, the main reason was naturally He Lan Yuan would provide them with his advanced technologies.

Regarding those technologies, every country wanted them. If one of them had access to them, everyone needed to have a slice of the pie. In the world conference, even though Hwa Xia and a few countries vetoed the idea to cooperate with He Lan Yuan, most countries allowed it. After the conference, they started to look for Xia Wa.

He Lan Yuan even recorded a personal video for Xia Wa. The video was normal expect for a part where he went into an unknown language, it was not a language from Earth. According to Xinghe's analysis, it felt like some sort of code. Mubai agreed with her.

"He is giving your mother some hints? To force her to show herself?" Mubai analyzed.

"Should be." Xinghe nodded.

There was another thing that Mubai worried about. "I am afraid when your mother does show herself, the United Nations will come after her."

After all, she was raised by He Lan Yuan. That was the perfect reason for the United Nations to capture someone.

"That is what I'm worried about too." Xinghe frowned slightly. He Lan Yuan must have his ways to force her appearance; he did not do it before because it would have exposed his existence. However, now he had nothing to lose.

What if her mother really showed herself, then what should Xinghe do?

Mubai said firmly, "Therefore, we must locate her faster than the United Nations to protect her safety."

Xinghe shook her head helplessly. "If that were possible, we would have found her by now. She is not willing to show herself."

After all, Xinghe was world-famous, and He Lan Yuan's plan was thwarted. If Xia Wa was on Earth, she must have known about these events, and if she wanted to show herself, she would have done so a long time ago.

Mubai hugged her waist and consoled her gently, "If even we cannot find her, this means that they will not be able to locate her either."