Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 964

Chapter 964: Devils Contract

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Chapter 964: Devil's Contract

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He Lan Yuan was a quintessential example of a man who had lost his mind. Anyone, no matter how psychologically stable they were, would be spooked by him. However, the man who sat across him was as composed as before. There was barely a flicker of emotion in his eyes. He looked at He Lan Yuan with his calm eyes, and even though He Lan Yuan was treading before him into the abyss of despair, he remained unmoved. There was probably nothing in this world that was going to get a response out of him.

He Lan Yuan continued his craziness until he reached a tipping point where he coughed out a handful of blood!

The blood seemed to represent the vitals that were leaving his body. He Lan Yuan hung his head down low and maintained that wordless situation for a long time, so much so that the man opposite him thought he had died. Suddenly, his body jerked to activity, and he lifted his head that appeared to weigh a thousand tons.

Two lifeless eyes that were no different from a dead person's looked at the man opposite him. In the dark, enclosed room, his voice croaked not from his body but from the bowels of hell, "What do you want?"

He stared at the man opposite him; the situation was reminiscent of a dying man signing a contract with the devil.

"No matter what you want, I will give it to you I just want you to kill them, kill Xia Wa, kill her daughter, kill everyone, and I will give you everything you want"

The immobile man finally stood up. He was very tall, and his face was hidden in the dark.

"As long as I kill them, you will give me everything?" the man asked in a low voice that showed no emotion.

"Yes." He Lan Yuan's face split into a curious smile. "As long as you kill them, I will give you everything. I know, similar to me, you want to obtain the whole world. I can smell that on you. Therefore, everything that I have prepared will be crucial to you. You can only gain the whole world through me."

The man did not deny it but smiled. "You are right that I want to gain the whole world. Therefore, a contract is signed. Give me everything you have, and I will take the revenge for you."

"Wonderful!" He Lan Yuan laughed excitedly. Even though he was going to die and his everything had been destroyed, his spirit remained. Even after his death, his spirit would live on; someone would take over his everything and reinitiate the plan to rule the world!

He Lan Yuan started laughing like crazy again. In a corner hidden away from the world, a devil's contract had been signed.

The international tension persisted for three long months. The world economy was shaken in that period, and everyone lived in fear. Thankfully, no war truly broke out.

The general public thought it was because neither country dared to open war, but those in the know realized they had been fighting every other day.

In the sea that separated both countries there had been many wars. However, no matter how strong Country W's offence was, they would be deterred by Hwa Xia. Hwa Xia's military morale was maintained at an all-time high while Country W suffered one losing battle after another.

Hwa Xia's military had immense admiration and respect for Xinghe. Initially, they had doubted her ability due to her young age, but she had completely won them over. She not only helped the military improve many of their technology, she was also a spirited leader and strategist.