Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 963

Chapter 963: The Biggest Joke In The World

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Chapter 963: The Biggest Joke in the World

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However, all of their attacks were neutralized; they could not break down Hwa Xia's defenses. Not only that, the new weapons that they had designed, Hwa Xia had them too!

In other words, their plan had been completely destroyed by Hwa Xia, if anything, they noticed Hwa Xia's technology was greater than theirs. This was because Hwa Xia's tech team managed to break down their own barriers while they could not do the same to them.

Xinghe wasn't lying when she said she had the technology from Shi Jian. Not only that, she had mastered the technology. This woman, her capability was greatly beyond He Lan Yuan's prediction.

"Impossible!" He Lan Yuan hissed with disbelief when he was informed. "That technology took us decades to perfect, even the simplest of them would require a genius to understand. How could she master them in such a short period of them? That is impossible!"

He Lan Yuan had always treated Xinghe as the lowest of the low. Even though Xinghe had ruined his plan, he had still looked down on her. After all, she only managed that because she relied on the techniques left behind by her mother. But now, Xinghe did not rely on Xia Wa and had managed to master these techniques; this was such a shock to He Lan Yuan.

He was certain Xinghe herself mastered these technologies because these technologies were created after Xia Wa's disappearance. Xia Wa would not have known about these technologies because she had disappeared from the base then. Therefore, Xinghe's success was a great blow to He Lan Yuan.

He could not accept that the daughter of a normal human would have such a brilliant mind. Even if her mother was Xia Wa, her father was a pedestrian idiot. He Lan Yuan had always held the opinion only his progeny with Xia Wa would be a genius, but reality had proven even a child of Xia Wa with a commoner was an undisputed genius

In that case, wouldn't his progeny with her be one hundred times or even one thousand times brighter than Xinghe?

The thought of losing such an unrivalled progeny clawed at He Lan Yuan's heart that was boiling with fury and regret. His resentment at Xinghe had reached its pinnacle.

"They have destroyed everything I am" He Lan Yuan sharpened his gaze, his eyes were blood red, bulging in their eye sockets that they looked like they were going to pop out.

"How dare they destroy everything I am! They have destroyed everything I am!" He Lan Yuan growled crazily, but no one could understand how deep his grudge went. Xia Wa, who he'd cultivated with all his attention, had betrayed him; his decades of effort, his dream, his everything were destroyed, but the biggest blow was knowing the extent of Xia Wa's daughter's brilliance. The last bulwark shielding his heart and sanity broke down.

At that moment, he realized what a failure he had become. He'd thought he was the greatest genius in the world; he was going to rule the world like a god, but everything was joke!

His whole life was a joke, the greatest and biggest joke the world had ever seen!

He was the greatest failure, the ugliest, the most laughable

He had failed so perfectly.

He Lan Yuan started laughing as the strands that tied him to reality gradually broke. He suddenly choked on his laughter and started to weep, but that lasted only for a while before he started insanely laughing again.