Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 962

Chapter 962: No Benefits For Anyone

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Chapter 962: No Benefits for Anyone

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Even if they suspected it, there would be no proof, so many adopted a don't ask, don't tell philosophy. However, this time, Xinghe had completely broken that contract. She listed Country W and Country C's crimes directly out in the open, and it definitely had caused a good measure of panic for the two leaders.

Other than that, she also made sure the United Nations wouldn't be able to come after her with ease anymore. Even if they still dared, Hwa Xia would counter. Hwa Xia was not a small country, if there was really a war, no one would benefit. Therefore, Country W and Country C had to measure their own capabilities before they openly declared war on Hwa Xia.

In other words, Xinghe's actions not only deterred a war from happening but also sowed fear and caution into her enemies' hearts. She was definitely going for broke by directly announcing her desire for war without any room for negotiation. This was completely different from how a normal country leader would act!

The man who watched the video in a corner of a world was first shocked before a smile spread across his face. "Looks like I have underestimated this woman, she is not so simple after all."

"Then what should we do? Are we continuing with the plan?" the underling beside him asked respectfully.

The man smirked, and iciness emanated from his eyes. "Of course, don't forget our technology now is vastly different from before. Stick to the plan, Hwa Xia will eventually be mine!"

"Yes sir!"

After Xinghe made this announcement, the world citizens started to panic. This was not Country Y who was used to war and was geologically isolated from most of the central power of the world.

If a war broke out with Hwa Xia, the whole world would be affected. Hwa Xia was surrounded by influential and rich countries, so if a war broke out, they would be affected in some way. Who would want that?

Furthermore, if Hwa Xia was really levelled, the world economy would be greatly disturbed.

Therefore, for the sake of world peace, many countries called to persuade Xinghe to retract her statement. They advised her to not start a world war because it would cause too much damage to the world.

Their advice fell on deaf ears. No matter who it was, Xinghe's answer was the same. "If Country W and Country C dare to trespass into Hwa Xia, we will have a war on our hands. If you don't want that, you'd better go persuade them to not come after us. I wish you understand who the real instigator is."

Therefore, the group of world leaders shifted to persuade the two leaders from Country W and Country C.

Not only that, the countries who had good relationship with Hwa Xia like Country Y and Country R all gave official statement to support world peace, but with an addendum that said they would not forgive anyone who encroached on other people's land and provoked a war. In other words, they were siding with Hwa Xia if there was a war.

With the pressure on all sides both locally and internationally, Country W and Country C were indeed hesitant to declare an open war.

They had rounded up their military. However, they did not give the attack command. Similarly, Hwa Xia was ready to defend themselves.

There was another reason the war did not happen openly, it was because the war had already started in the dark but was stopped. They'd thought that, with He Lan Yuan's technology, they could easily take down Hwa Xia's anti-missile system.