Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 961

Chapter 961: Fight To The Death With Them

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Chapter 961: Fight to the Death with Them

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The world was dumbfounded when she said all that. What is she talking about What does she mean by 'Country W and Country C are trying to ruin Hwa Xia'?

Similarly, the leaders from Country W and Country C were stunned. They have discovered our plan?

"I must sound crazy right now, but stay with me as I explain everything to you"

Then Xinghe launched into a detailed explanation of everything that had happened and had been planned. She started from her journey to the moon, her meeting with Shi Jian and the guys, and the crimes committed by the Tong family. The world was shocked by every truth bomb that she laid down.

She even gave evidence of Country W and Country C's evil intention regarding Hwa Xia. The evidence pulled from the embassy and the military preparation the two countries had secretly been doing. Xinghe even predicted what they would do next.

"Their timing was impeccable because, if you think about it, why did they choose today of all days to accuse me? Because from today onwards, I represent this country, coming after me means coming after this country.

"They needed a reason to declare war against us, and believe me, they will start a war soon because they will not give up especially after everything they have planned. Even if they don't, our country will not forgive such extreme behavior.

"Therefore, today I announce Hwa Xia is adamantly against such usurpation of power! No matter what conspiracy they fling at us, we will not be afraid, nor will we retreat. If they dare to trespass one inch into our land or harm a single one of our citizens, we will not take this lying down, and we swear to fight to the death with them!"

"We swear to fight the death with them!" The country's other leaders echoed Xinghe's stance. They believed Xinghe, and they would never allow their beloved country to be swallowed by other's ambitions and conspiracy. Therefore, they would fight until the bitter end even if it meant giving up their lives.

Everyone who watched the live broadcast saw their reaction. A wave of patriotic sentiment parsed through Hwa Xia. As mentioned before, they were easily convinced by Xinghe and chose to face the external threat together.

Not only that, many other countries' citizens were impressed by Xinghe's spirited speech. They had a good impression of this capable, calm, and regal woman. The audacity she showed when she openly declared war against her enemies galvanized them as well.

Many chose to side with her. Even in Country W and Country C, she had her supporters. They were furious at their government for doing such despicable activities. In any case, Xinghe had fearlessly turned the tables on them.

The enemies' plan of framing her failed grandly. They thought they could easily pin the crimes on her and thus use her as an excuse to start a war against Hwa Xia. To their surprise, Xinghe laid everything in the open and instead had declared a war against them.

There had always been an unwritten contract between the countries. For the sake of world peace, they would not expose each other's secret openly on the world stage. Even if there had been many battles, those would be conducted in the dark. Occurrences where world leaders were forced to shake their enemies' hands at global conventions while their countries were secretly at war were exceptionally common.

This created a mirage for the common people to think that the world was a peaceful place. They had no clue that international relationships had always been full of tension.