Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 959

Chapter 959: Assaulted By The Whole World

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Chapter 959: Assaulted by the Whole World

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Mubai knew she was not being humble or joking. After all, she was not at all interested in the seat. If not to defeat their enemies, she would not have selected this path. He chose to respect her decision.

He hugged her and whispered, "Okay, no matter your decision, I will support you. After this crisis is taken care of, you can do anything you like."

"I will solve this crisis as soon as possible, and we will return home together." That was what she wanted, to go back home with him, to live a peaceful life.

Mubai's lips curved into a bright and glorious smile. "Okay, I promise you."

Xinghe responded with a brilliant smile. She also hugged him in return and enjoyed this last piece of happiness and serenity that they would have the luxury to enjoy for a long time.

Mubai's prediction was right. The second day after Xinghe was sworn in, the United Nations released their official statement. They accused Xinghe of colluding with He Lan Yuan's lackeys and harbored the intention of harming the world. This official statement naturally shocked the world!

The world was still recovering from the joyful news of her ascending to be Hwa Xia's president, and now they were told she was going to destroy the world. Many naturally did not believe this, but the United Nations provided the evidence.

They revealed the news of Xinghe going to the moon base to draw up a contract with He Lan Yuan's lackeys, and they had verbal confirmation from these people. According to Shi Jian, their contract was that after Xinghe helped them get back to Earth, they would help Xinghe take over the whole world, and they would rebuild a new world together. He also added the virus outbreak was part of Xinghe's conspiracy; her purpose was to kill the previous president to take his place.

The United Nations even added that the assassination of Hwa Xia's previous president was Xinghe's handiwork as well. They insinuated that Xinghe slept her way to the top because, with her young age, she would not have won the presidency. Therefore, her win was full of loopholes. In any case, to frame Xinghe, the United Nations had provided a lot of evidence and pinned many crimes on Xinghe.

The evidence they provided looked so authentic that the whole world really started to suspect Xinghe. That was how humankind was, easily influenced by outsiders and had difficulties coming to their own conclusions.

They initially trusted Xinghe, but now they all turned on her. Hwa Xia's citizens reached the stage of being angered. Many formed groups to protest outside of the President's House, demanding Xinghe and the country to give them an explanation. They would not allow their country to be ruled by such a scary woman.

All over the world, there were people holding protests to censure Xinghe. In just one day, the world's opinion of Xinghe witnessed a 180 change!

Yesterday, they'd lavished their love on her, but today, they hated her to their core. This speedy change shocked many. Even though Xinghe's group knew this was coming, how soon it came still startled them. Sam and his friends were furious.