Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 958

Chapter 958: A Contract

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Chapter 958: A Contract

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They had heard many things about Xinghe, and their impression of her only continued to improve after this incident. They believed she would be a good president.

After Tianrong and Tong Liang were taken away, Xinghe calmly ordered, "Everyone, I hope you will keep the Tong family's capture a secret. Currently, we still cannot let our enemies know we have seen through their ploy or this will only get worse."

Before they'd exposed the Tong family, the live broadcast was cut off, therefore, only those who were there knew what had really happened.

"That is for sure, we will not breathe a word of this."

"That's right, we understand the severity of the situation, we know what to do."

Everyone agreed, and Xinghe nodded with satisfaction. "Not only that, we have to focus to face the imminent trouble. Our enemies will take action after they fail to hear back from the Tong family, so I hope everyone is prepared," she once again reminded them.

"Don't worry, no matter what they do, we will fight them with a united heart."

"Miss Xia, from tomorrow onwards, you will be our President. We will follow your arrangement."

Xinghe was appreciative of the fact that they accepted her and trusted her so easily. She promised on the spot, "Okay, I promise that I, Xia Xinghe, will not disappoint the faith and expectations you have placed on me! No matter what happens, I will put this country first. As long as you believe in me, I will not disappoint you."

The Vice President was the first to say, "Xinghe, I believe in you."

"Miss Xia, I too believe in you."

"Me too."

A series of people stated their stance. This was like a trust contract. From then on, no matter what happened, they would trust her fully, and what Xinghe needed then was exactly their trust!

Perhaps in everyone's eyes, Xinghe's fate had changed from that moment onwards. She, a normal woman, suddenly became Hwa Xia's president. That was unheard of.

However, for Xinghe, she was still the same person. Her fate had always been in her hands, and she had been rewriting it since day one. Therefore, nothing truly changed according to her, she only gained a new title and a giant responsibility.

Mubai treated it the same way but not Sam and the rest. They were excited for her and crowded around her for a long time. In their eyes, Xinghe becoming president was a great source of pride.

Only Mubai still treated her the same way. After Sam and the rest finally left, only Xinghe and Mubai remained in the room.

Mubai finally took her hands and he smiled, congratulating her. "Congratulations, I am so proud of you."

Xinghe laughed. "I merely rode on the coattails of everyone's effort and sacrifice, there is nothing worth being proud of."

"But I still feel happy for you, and everything you have you earned with your own two hands; you deserve everything."

"This is merely a responsibility. After this crisis is taken care of, I will resign," Xinghe said seriously.