Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 945

Chapter 945: Youre My Trump Card

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Chapter 945: You're My Trump Card

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"However, unless it is absolutely necessary like when the Xi family is facing real extinction, we will not make use of this power. This will help us get anything we want, including the seat of presidency. The Xi family is not interested in the path of politics, so we have been keeping the force as a last resort. However, you need the presidency now; I want to help you win."

Mubai said that calmly and straightforwardly, but Xinghe was not an idiot. He was sacrificing the Xi family's insurance to help her win the presidency. Wouldn't that be a giant waste?

Furthermore, the Xi family would be exposed to danger after he used the power.

"Is it one-time only?" Xinghe asked.

Mubai nodded generously. "Yes, but to me, it is very much worth it."

"How is it worth it?" Xinghe frowned slightly. "This is the Xi family's trump card, and you are going to waste it on me; how is that worth it?"

"It is worth it," Mubai said firmly. He looked at her and said, "For you, everything is worth it. Plus, it is related to your safety. This crisis is bigger than anything we've face; I cannot allow any accident to befall you."

"I know." Xinghe nodded. "But I have many methods I can employ to protect myself. I will not expose myself to danger. Until we reach the point of no return, we should not waste such a trump card. In any case, you cannot do this; the situation is not dire enough. I am adamantly against this."

"You think I have not thought of that?" Mubai pulled her in and looked into her eyes. "If the situation does not demand it, of course I will not pull out this trump card. But this situation demands it; you have to win no matter what. We cannot make a wrong step now; I am not willing to gamble with your life."

After a pause, Mubai said chokingly, "Because you are my trump card, the one thing that I hold dear, the only thing that I cannot lose."

Xinghe's eyes glistened. Mubai's words had touched her deeply. She knew he cared about her, but she had no clue that he cared about her to the point where he was willing to sacrifice anything, even the Xi family's trump card

Mubai seemed to notice the complicated feelings in her heart, and he softened his voice to comfort her. "Actually, you don't need to feel so pressured. Since the Xi family has acquired the trump card before, we can do it again. But if I lose you, where will I find another Xia Xinghe?"

"But don't you think it is such a waste to use it on me?"

"Xia Xinghe, do you value your life so little?" A flash of annoyance appeared on Mubai's face. "Have you thought of the possibility of the country sacrificing you to avoid a war even though they knew you are framed? They might trust you now, but no one can be sure of the future. For the sake of a whole country, sometimes, the sacrifice of one has to be made.

"In this world, there is light and darkness and there is darkness in every one of us. None of them will sacrifice the whole country to save one single person. Even if they want to, the rest of the country will not allow it, so the only way you can save yourself is to own the whole country, that way no harm will come to you. Only by being alive can you strike back. Don't frivol away the sacrifice that I have given you, do you understand?"