Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 913

Chapter 913 No Evidence

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Chapter 913: No Evidence

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Xinghe nodded briskly. "That's right, I have said those things, but what about them?"

Tong Liang smiled, and this time, the smugness was rather apparent. "Therefore, the reason for this curious competition is to ruin the world and then save them. Only those criminals are capable of creating such a contagious virus, and you must have taken this virus from them."

"That is not a bad hypothesis, what else?" Xinghe asked.

Tong Liang scoffed. "What do you mean what else? Isn't the fact that you have collaborated with these terrorists to harm the world enough? Or are you telling me that you people have another purpose? You'd better confess, and we might consider giving you a lighter sentence."

"What do you want me to confess?" Xinghe asked calmly, like she was just playing with them. Tong Liang was riled by this attitude of hers.

"Of course, to confess all of your sins and schemes."

"What sins and what schemes?" Xinghe laughed out loud. "If I am not mistaken, those are the schemes you accused me of. I have never said a word validating them."

"Xia Xinghe." Tong Liang's gaze lit up threateningly. "Even if you don't confess, it is pointless because you are the biggest suspect. The United Nations will never forgive terrorists like your group; people like you should not be allowed to breathe the same air as us."

"Terrorists?" Xinghe smirked. She was at her limits with this woman's arrogance. "Tong Liang, you have not stopped heaping baseless accusations on me since I walked in. Have I wronged you somehow?"

Tong Liang said matter-of-factly, "This is not personal; I simply cannot allow criminals who have attempted to harm the general public to escape."

"You are so sure this is my doing but where is your proof?" Xinghe glared at her and frigidness suffused her tone. "Don't tell me the proof is your own hypothesis and suspicions Did you manage to get to your current position with these conspiracy theories? In that case, I wonder what it really is that propelled you to your position today."

"Are you questioning me credentials?" Tong Liang rewarded Xinghe a similarly chilling gaze.

"Only because they are worth questioning."

"Xia Xinghe, you'd better watch your mouth, or I will sue you for defamation."

"That is exactly what I want to tell you." Xinghe stood up and issued coldly, "I have recorded our conservation. The accusation Miss Tong has lobbed at me, I will definitely have my lawyers follow up. Remember, if you do not have any proof, you do not have the right to summon me. Remember, without proof, what you did to me is defamation, pure and simple."

Xinghe then turned to leave. However, she stopped to turn and look at Tong Liang. She added, "Then again, Miss Tong, you did remind me of something. You just said the virus is contagious, so how come you are still so healthy? Miss Tong has approached Mr. President, too, right? All the other ambassadors have fallen ill, but you are still so fine; Miss Tong, you must have taken exquisite care of your health."

Tong Liang's pupils shuddered slightly. For some reason, she felt Xinghe had seen through everything, and indeed, Xinghe managed to capture the nervousness that temporarily flitted across Tong Liang's features.

Xinghe smiled to herself and left the meeting room. She was surrounded by Sam and the rest who were waiting for her when she left.

"Xinghe, did they do anything to you?" Ali asked with concern.

"I'm fine." Xinghe shook her head.

"Then, what did they say?"

"They said plenty, but I have forgotten most of it. I need to rush back now, I have something to deal with," Xinghe said directly.

Sam and the rest were confused. What is so urgent?

Xinghe soon returned to Hills Residence, and she started working on cracking a locked pen drive.