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    Chapter 911 Contamination

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    Chapter 911: Contamination

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    City A was practically on locked down because no one dared to step out of their front door. This was also an international crisis, as many foreign citizens were also down with the sickness. Almost the whole world was following this development closely. Hwa Xia's foreign affairs department was not unlike a battlefield.

    "But why would he suddenly fall ill?" Madam President said with a frown; the more she thought about it, the more suspicious she felt. "He has been relatively healthy, and this virus outbreak is much too sudden."

    The President would not socialize with normal citizens, and none of his close confidants showed signs of carrying this virus. So, when and where did he get exposed to the virus?

    Regarding this point, Xinghe had her suspicions as well. However, no matter how hard she racked her mind, she could not come up with an answer. Regardless, she knew she had to get to the bottom of the truth; she could not allow the conspiracy talk to fester.

    The police force had poured all of its resources into investigating this case, but they still could not find the origin of the virus. Two days had passed and there were more and more cases of reported contamination. The virus seemed to be airborne because almost everyone who was in proximity of a patient would be infected. This was how the virus spread

    If not for the early quarantine, the consequences would have been unimaginably bad. Lu Qi had been a doctor for so many years and he had not come across such a powerful virus before; it was scarier than H1N1 influenza.

    His two days of research resulted in nothing. He could not find the cure. The hospitals across City A were packed to the brim. The government had no choice but to sequester empty buildings to form temporary hospitals and mobilize medical experts from all across the country to deal with this crisis. Even so, there were so many patients that each doctor had to juggle more than a handful of patients.

    The foreign ambassadors who the President had met with during the competition were infected one after another. Even Hwa Xia's ambassadors were unable to escape this fate.

    However, what made Xinghe's heart chill was the fact that Mubai also exhibited signs of infection. When he first noticed the weaknesses appearing within his body, he immediately distanced himself from Xinghe and requested to be quarantined.

    After Lu Qi's examination, he confirmed Mubai had also fallen victim to the virus. When he told her the news, her face blanched.

    "How serious is he?" She asked, and the shaking of her voice was barely suppressed by the mask she was wearing.

    Lu Qi was also in a mask, in fact, his whole body was covered. "Thankfully, he discovered it very early, so I can still use some drugs to slow its progress. However, if the cure cannot be found, I am afraid we will have nation-wide deaths on our hands."

    "Is the cure so hard to produce?" Xinghe was confused. Lu Qi was already the best of the best. If he could not cultivate the vaccine or cure, no one could.

    Lu Qi nodded solemnly. "This is perhaps the scariest virus I have ever encountered in my practicing life."

    "You have to complete the research." Xinghe looked at him imploringly; he was their only hope.

    "I understand." Lu Qi nodded. "You all have to be careful as well. Prevention is better than cure."

    "I'll be fine." Ali and the rest were fine as well. People who were physically trained were safer from the virus. Mubai had been through heart surgery, so the fact that he had held on until then was already a miracle in itself. However, in the end, he remained the virus' victim

    Xinghe, thinking about his situation, radiated an icy aura, deterring others from getting close to her. However, she kept her cool; she did not lose her head due to anxiety and nerves.

    That was how she was, the bigger the crisis, the calmer she would become. Ali and the rest were impressed by her strength.

    Xinghe planted herself outside of Mubai's quarantine room and did not leave.