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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 91

    Chapter 91 Beyond Human

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    Chapter 91: Beyond Human

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    "The team is actually a one-woman show. You and my brother are here only to help me with the miscellaneous tasks."

    "Miss Xia-" Xiao Mo finally lost it, he interrogated pointedly, "Do you even know programming? I doubt that you do because you're nave enough to think a PC management software could be written in five days, on your own no less. Do you know how many hours are needed to create just a simple anti-virus software? Even with a dedicated team, that would take months. Programming is no walk in the park so can you stop being so ignorant?"

    Xia Zhi suddenly burst out in uncontrollable guffaws. Xiao Mo stared at him, his expression dimmed.

    He didn't know what Xia Zhi was laughing about, but he had a feeling he was laughing at him.

    Is there something mentally wrong with this pair of siblings?

    The thought cropped up in Xiao Mo's mind

    "That's enough," Xinghe told Xia Zhi, effectively silencing him.

    She then turned to Xiao Mo, "Regardless of your faith in this plan, your job for the next five days is to focus completely on the assignments I give you. You can continue the lecture after the fifth day's over."


    "Brother Xiao," Xia Zhi interrupted, he pointed at his head and said, "Don't waste your time debating with my sister, she is uniquely gifted in this department."

    How true, he too felt something was wrong with her brain!

    Perhaps Xinghe was indeed mentally damaged, that was why she could come up with a plan as crazy as the one she just told.

    Xia Zhi must be humoring her.

    In the end, Xiao Mo decided to play along for a few days since Xinghe did lend him her aid. She would wake up to the reality on her own after the plan failed.

    One of Xiao Mo's biggest merits was his ability to extricate himself from fixating on things. He had a clear-cut manner of dealing with life.

    This was a quality Xinghe admired in him.

    Even though Xiao Mo was just humoring Xinghe, he didn't approach his assignments willy-nilly.

    He had promised Xinghe he would help her to the best of his ability so that was what he did, despite the fact that he still believed the whole arrangement was done in jest.

    He zipped his mouth and went to work. He would let reality do the talking for him, proving to Xinghe that her plan was insane and doomed to fail!

    However he was soon showed how wrong he was!

    After a day of working with Xinghe in the workroom, Xiao Mo was completely blown away by her programming capability.

    She could work with ten super computers simultaneously, each coding a different program.

    The scariest part was there were zero mistakes. She flitted among the computers like a graceful butterfly, but one that had scarily good computer knowledge. Her efficiency and proficiency were better than a specialized coding bot.

    She was so good that she could tell when a program would finish testing.

    "Zhi, No. 3 is ready, go take a look at it," she would yell while working on Computer No. 7.

    "Okay!" Xia Zhi would hurry to the Computer No. 3 and she would be right.

    Xiao Mo stared awestruck at Xinghe, like he was looking at a monster.

    Xia Zhi walked past him and said, "Brother Xiao, didn't I tell you? My sister's brain is different from normal humans."

    Xiao Mo's mouth twitched slightly. That was one way to put it.

    Different from normal human? No, this was beyond human!

    "Are you sure your sister is not an alien in disguise?" Xiao Mo asked suspiciously.

    Xia Zhi lowered his voice mysteriously and said, "Actually, I've always wondered whether she is even my sister"