Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Academic Olympic

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Chapter 907: Academic Olympic

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But no one thought this academy would be a success; her dream was too big. However, everyone did admit that her computer skill was very good. Perhaps her academy would only get computer science experts to enroll and she would be the only teacher.

For some reason, people wanted the academy to fail just for the comedic effect alone. This was especially true with the experts who made fun of her. As experts, they had their own arrogance, and each one of them believed no one was better; they were the best of the best and there was nothing else for them to learn.

Therefore, the fact that Xinghe opened a school to welcome them felt like a humiliation directed specifically at them. No one wanted to enroll at her school. They all had steady work and had made a name for themselves in their respective fields. They were in their primes; only a fool would choose to return to school.

Therefore, this academy was deemed a joke, and no one wanted join as student. When this assumption was firm in everyone's mind, Galaxy Academy suddenly released some news. It was about an academic competition.

According to the news, as long as you had the talents, or you thought that you did, you were welcome to participate in this competition. The competition would test several fields: computer science, mathematics, medicine, economics and physics.

If you managed to win the competition in any of the field, the prize of one hundred million would be yours. Yes, the prize for winning was one hundred million!

Not only that, even if you lost, if you had shown incredible talent, you would have a chance to join Galaxy Academy as its teaching staff with a yearly salary of 8,000,000 RMB. In other words, if you won this competition, and even if you chose to reject the job offer, a life of luxury was yours already. Even if you lost, there was still a chance for that with honest work.

This never before seen academic competition was given a befitting nameAcademic Olympics.

The world was shocked with the release of the news. All the arrogant experts were moved by the allure of the prize. The attraction was bigger than a Nobel Prize, so only a fool would not register and participate.

The prize was so lucrative that they would not give up the opportunity. So many experts mobilized because the registration period would only open for fifteen days. If they missed this, it would be a regret that lasted a lifetime. The talents who saw this news all moved toward Hwa Xia's City A to join this competition.

Of course, Xinghe also sent off many invitations to world famous scientists and institutions, inviting them to join the competition.

The President also helped them send invitations to various counties, asking them to allow their talents to come to Hwa Xia to join the competition. The President's justification was simple: this was a competition to excite the scientific scene. Humanity's scientific level still needed improvement as He Lan Yuan had proved, and the most effective method to do that was through competition and a grand prize.