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    Chapter 90 The Line Between Confidence And Overconfidence

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    Chapter 90: The Line Between Confidence and Overconfidence

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    "Miss Xia, it's not that I don't believe in you but the current King Kong Internet Security on the market has been reinvented and upgraded over the years; it's no longer the same software that I came up with. Furthermore, Chui Corps has already carved out a stable position in the market, it is impossible for you to beat it, much less demolish it," said Xiao Mo.

    Xiao Mo wasn't at all wrong with his analysis. It would be nigh impossible to take down an established company like Chui Corps.

    But then so what?

    Xinghe posed Xiao Mo a question, "Do you know which industry changes the quickest and the most often in our era?"

    "Computers and electronics."

    "That's right. A new innovation can change the industry's landscape overnight, so Chui Corps' history means nothing in this ever-changing landscape."

    "That might be so but the development in the electronics industry has slowed down significantly. I don't think we can topple Chui Corps even in the next few years."

    Xinghe suddenly pushed out her hand with all her five fingers outstretched. As Xiao Mo was trying to figure out what her gesture meant, she said, "Five days."

    "What five days?"

    Xia Zhi couldn't contain his excitement and blurted out, "Sis meant we will only use five days to take them down and not a few years!"

    Xiao Mo almost fell back in shock.

    He gasped at Xinghe like he was looking at an alien.

    "Five days? How is that possible" Xiao Mo retorted agitatedly. He had a sudden feeling the two were toying with him. He continued, "Miss Xia, are you serious? What are you thinking? Do you even know anything about computers and programming? How can we beat Chui Corps in just five days with the three of us? This is impossible!"

    Xinghe put her hands down and replied calmly, "Nothing is impossible, and I say we can make this possibility a reality."

    "Miss Xia, programming is not as simple as you think"

    "Indeed, it is quite hard for some people."

    "" If not for the fact that Xinghe could still converse with him rather logically, Xiao Mo would believe she had absolutely lost her mind.

    There is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence and in Xiao Mo's opinion, Xinghe had stepped way over it.

    Xiao Mo himself was hailed as a computer whiz when he was a child. At the time, the industry hadn't even stabilized, changes were occurring practically every second.

    However, in such a chaotic environment, Xiao Mo managed to master an impressive programming technique and write a security software all on his own.

    He was pretty much unrivalled at the time.

    Even so, it had taken him half a year to finish King Kong Internet Security's alpha version.

    Therefore, from his point of view, the three of them would need at least one whole year to finish coding this PC management software.

    After that, they still needed to get it into the market and let it go through closed and open beta testing before they could even come close to threatening Chui Corps.

    And yet, Xinghe had the hubris to say they could beat Chui Corps in just five days.

    Writing the codes alone would need more time than that

    It was pure wishful thinking!

    It was not that Xiao Mo looked down on them but it was simply an impossible mission!

    Xiao Mo pulled a long face and said, "Miss Xia, I appreciate that you have faith in me but if the team only consists of the three of us, the chance of this plan of yours succeeding is zero percent."

    In other words, he couldn't help them pull it off.

    Xiao Mo thought that would at least give Xinghe some pause but obviously he didn't know anything about Xinghe's personality because he was completely unprepared for what she said in return.