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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 892

    Chapter 892 We Believe In You

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    Chapter 892: We Believe in You!

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    They all looked at her blankly, her words still reverberating in their ears. Her promise was so clear that it was hard for anyone to persuade themselves that they had heard wrongly. She is capable of saving them?

    "Miss Xia, it is the United Nations that wants to quarantine us, can you really help us?" Shi Jian asked in disbelief.

    Xinghe nodded. "Yes, I will figure out a way to help you. No matter how hard it may be, I will not give up."

    "But will you really be successful?"

    Xinghe laughed and said, "I managed to solve a world crisis, so what else can stop me? If you believe me, then give me some more time, I will definitely get you all the freedom and happiness you deserve."

    "Okay!" Shi Jian yelled excitedly. "I believe you, we all believe you!"

    "We all believe you!" the rest echoed in unison.

    Xinghe nodded and promised solemnly, "I will not disappoint you again."

    "That is more than enough." Shi Jian looked at her with tears in his eyes. "I am sorry for what I said; to be honest, we have never doubted your character. Miss Xia, thank you."

    Then, Shi Jian suddenly stepped forward to shake her hands. Xinghe's eyes shuddered slightly, adding, "Don't worry, I am a woman of my word."

    "We know." Shi Jian held onto her hands, hanging onto her like she was their spiritual center. "Miss Xia, in this world, you are the one person we can trust. You answered our call for help, and you saved us. We will wait for you, no matter how long."

    "Okay." Xinghe nodded without saying anything more. Her promise was worth gold because she never promised anything easily. Shi Jian and the guys believed she would do everything to fulfil her promise. Her promise was also their last hope.

    Shi Jian let go of Xinghe's hand and he said in parting, "Miss Xia, please allow me to represent everyone in thanking you!"

    After giving her a deep bow, Shi Jian walked toward George. "Now, we agree to go with you."

    The rest of them followed suit. They finally saw hope again, there was still hope for them to get release after they were captured.

    George hesitated before ordering, "Take them away."

    "Yes, sir!" The soldiers lined up in a straight line, forming a procession to lead them toward the exit. They did not rough the men up and allowed them to move at their preferred speed. Shi Jian took one last look at Xinghe's group before turning away to follow the rest.

    As they were brought away, there was a heavy feeling that settled in Xinghe's heart.

    "Miss Xia, thank you for your aid just now. You do have them wrapped around your finger." Tong Liang suddenly came to praise her with hints of smile. Xinghe looked at her coolly; her gaze as cold as the surface of a winter's lake.

    Tong Liang naturally felt the hostility directed at her.

    "I was not helping you," Xinghe explained forcefully. "I meant every single word I told them."

    She was really going to help them find a life of happiness and freedom. Tong Liang smiled to herself, as if she was dismissing this crazy woman talking to her.

    "Miss Xia, then I wish you good luck. But a last word of advice, being a hero is not easy, I pray you will not get obsessed with being one. Don't let the rush go to your head."

    Then, she turned to leave, the few ambassadors trailing behind her.