Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Living Is Your Curse

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Chapter 866: Living Is Your Curse

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Just like that, all the spaceships were activated; they were moving toward that blue, beautiful planet. Xinghe had contacted the people back on Earth. After Ali and the rest heard from her, they anticipated the fleet of spaceships' glorious return. They knew Xinghe would never fail, her track record proved that.

Xinghe had no idea her image had greatly elevated in many people's eyes after this incident. Even the way He Lan Yuan looked at her had changed.

Speaking of which, the scientist had roused himself. He was tied to a chair; the binds were so tight that he could not even wiggle his wrists.

His dark eyes stared at Xinghe, who sat opposite him. She stared back openly at him and neither said a word. They just stared at each other. He Lan Yuan's gaze was like that of a predator stalking his prey in the dark; it made people alarmed and anxious. Xinghe's gaze was like the surface of a deep pool, clear yet cold. Under He Lan Yuan's scary scrutiny, she did not falter; her inner confidence impressed even He Lan Yuan.

After who knows how long, this frail and ugly old man croaked, "I am surprised that Earth has someone as talented as you. My satellite and base system were overridden by you. If I'd known, I would have destroyed Earth without giving any warning."

"The worst taste in the world is regret," Xinghe said softly.

He Lan Yuan started cackling. "You are right, and you will definitely taste it since you let me live. As long as I am alive"

"You are useless even if you're alive," Xinghe interrupted him crudely.

He Lan Yuan's face dropped. "What did you say? I dare you to repeat it!"

Xinghe glanced at him and repeated, "You are useless even if you're alive."

"How dare you call me useless!" He Lan Yuan almost jumped off his chair, he would've, if not for the bindings holding him back. No wonder Shi Jian had thought he'd gone insane because he definitely looked the part. He Lan Yuan widened his dead eyes and barked, "Other than me, everyone else in this world is useless! Only I can stand at the top. No one is better than me; I am the most impressive genius the world has ever seen. You foolish humans are so beneath me, you are not even worth my time. And you dare say I am useless? Don't make me laugh, you humans are the useless ones! None of you can match my accomplishments, the things that I have achieved! I am the greatest!"

"Your accomplishments?" Xinghe scoffed with derision. Her derision riled He Lan Yuan up even more. He might have failed, but it did not mean he was going to suffer being looked down upon by this woman. For a self-centered, arrogant person like He Lan Yuan, the biggest insult was having someone doubt his ability.

He would take revenge whenever someone did that to him. Alas, he was now their prisoner, so he could not do anything to harm Xinghe.

"You are looking down on me?" He Lan Yuan glared at her with his venomous gaze that reminded Xinghe of a viper and hissed, "Who are you to look down on me? You think you can do that just because you've captured me? Please, my accomplishment"

"Stop, because none of this is your accomplishment," Xinghe once again interrupted him rudely.