Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Let Us Return

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Chapter 857: Let Us Return

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For the sake of happiness, they were willing to give up everything!

If they gave up this place, their dreams would be within their reach, why wouldn't they do that? So, they had decided to return and not stay there anymore!

"Miss Xia, please, you have to save us. You are the champion of our hope," Shi Jian said with a heavy heart.

"That's right, Miss Xia, you have to help us!"

They all looked at her beseechingly. Xinghe stood and addressed them seriously, "Do not worry, I will try my best so that we can all return home together!"

"Yes!" Shi Jian and the rest cheered in return, their blood boiling with passion. For the sake of their future and home, they decided to give it everything they'd got!

Xinghe did not waste time and immediately asked to look at the base's defense system. The control center was located at the fifth floor of He Lan Yuan's residence. Even though the base was filled with computer geniuses, and not the normal kind, none of them were able to take down the security system because the system was too complicated and would cause a horrible consequence if one was too careless. It was why no one was able to crack it even though so much time had passed.

However, since Xinghe took down the system that controlled the satellites, this should be easy for her. Shi Jian and the others placed their hope in Xinghe. If she could not do this, then no one else living could. However, after Xinghe took a rudimentary look at it, she frowned deeply. It seemed like things were not looking optimistic. "This system is even more complicated than the system that controls the satellites."

Shi Jian gasped. "More complicated than that?"

"Indeed." Xinghe nodded. "But don't worry, I can still do this, just that I might need more time."

Shi Jian and the rest sighed in relief after they heard that.

"Miss Xia, roughly how long do you need?"

"I'm guessing around two to three days; we should have enough time."

Shi Jian nodded. "Yes, we have at least ten days before the explosion, so this should be fine."

"Then, make use of the time to go prepare. The moment this is hacked, we will leave," Xinghe suggested.


Shi Jian and the rest left to pack their stuff, they planned to take all the important documents away with them. While Xinghe was trying her best to solve the defense system, Mubai was helping her enquire after her mother's location. Sam had nothing on his hands, so he wandered about experiencing all the advanced technology there.

The thing that attracted his interest the most was the virtual reality device; the thing was so god damn fun!

There were many worlds available for him to experience and each world was distinct and real. There were wuxia worlds, xianxia worlds, ancient worlds, farming worlds, and even zombie worlds. However, the one world that was most popular with the guys there was the harem world.

The harem world only had female characters and thus were in desperate need of males. Therefore, when a man arrived at this world, he would be treated like a God

After Sam noticed this world, he surreptitiously gave it a try while he made sure no one else was looking. Then, he spent the rest of the day smiling dumbly to himself and he would blush at random times. He even sought out Shi Jian to ask whether they could take this virtual device home with them.

Shi Jian said none of the products there could be taken away, but they would be able to redesign and rebuild them when they were back on Earth. The latter part of his explanation made Sam smile with great satisfaction.