Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 841

Chapter 841 He Lan Yuan Has Been Captured

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Chapter 841: He Lan Yuan Has Been Captured

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The worldview changed after this event. People learned to appreciate life and nature more. The relationship between countries became better. The scientific world was stimulated to improve their research and progress.

Even though the world economy had taken quite a hit, it would not take long for it to recover. However, there was only one thing that all the countries wanted to do then, it was to destroy He Lan Yuan!

Just as Xinghe's group prepared to lift off into space, Galaxy Control Centre suddenly received signal from the moon. This was the first time Galaxy Control Centre received any signal from the moon after the satellite destruction half a month ago.

Initially, everyone was nervous because they thought the signal had come from He Lan Yuan. However, the man who appeared on screen was someone they had not seen before.

"Are you Miss Xia Xinghe?" a man in blue military outfit asked with a serious expression.

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, that's me."

"Miss Xia, nice to meet you, my name is Shi Jian, I am He Lan Yuan's military officer, or I should say, I was. He Lan Yuan is now under our control and he will not be able to harm Earth anymore," Shi Jian announced suddenly. The news was quite a shock.

"You guys have taken He Lan Yuan down?" Xinghe asked to confirm. Everyone was surprised by this development. They did not think things would change so soon.

Shi Jian nodded. "Yes, he is now in our control. We heeded your advice; we rebelled against him to achieve freedom. However, as a result of that, none of us are able to leave the base and the base is going to explode soon. Therefore, we had no choice but to contact you to request you to come help us. You are the only person who can help us now."

Xinghe was startled. This Shi Jian was direct in his speech. The fact that he delivered such shocking news in a straight-forward manner gave it a sense of fallacy. However, Xinghe did not think he was lying.

"Mr. Shi Jian, can you please go over what has happened in detail? Why can't any of you get out of the base if you have He Lan Yuan under your control?"

Shi Jian answered directly, "The base is installed with an internal defense system and only He Lan Yuan knows the password. We need his permission to leave and enter the base or no one is allowed to leave. Before we managed to detain him, He Lan Yuan activated the base's defense system. If we do not key in the password soon, the base will explode. We are trapped inside because He Lan Yuan has lost his mind. We cannot get the password out of him. However, I don't think he would be willing to give us the password even if he was still sane."

"He Lan Yuan has gone crazy?" Xinghe gasped with surprise.

Shi Jian nodded. "Yes. After you ruined his life's work, something within him snapped. We managed to detain him since he planned to use all his power to destroy Earth. Not long after that, his mental state started to get increasingly unstable. We are unable to leave the base and the clock is ticking. Since you managed to crack the satellites' defense system, you will be able to do the same to the base's defense system. Only you can save us now, Miss Xia. All of us want to leave this place, if you help us, then we are willing to surrender to Earth's forces."