Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 84

Chapter 84 The Crazy Woman

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Chapter 84: The Crazy Woman

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Driving such an eye-catching car had a few perks, like there was no shortage of bystanders for them to enquire direction from.

With the people's help, they reached the person's home quickly.

The place was a nondescript, single-story building, many of its corners charred, and its paint flaking. As they got out of the car, Xinghe and Xia Zhi heard the sound of an intense fight coming from within.

A middle-aged, married couple was scolding one hulk of a man severely.

"Last week, you told us you'll pay us this week, and now, you're telling us you're going to pay next week! The next week will never end with you, so if you don't hand over the money now, we're going to finish this at the police station!"

This came from the middle-aged man. He had a small and slight stature but when he was belittling the man, he presented an imposing front. His spit sprayed all over the place because he was too focused on giving the man a dressing down.

His wife continued, "Yes, if you still refuse to return the money, we'll go to the police station this instant! Don't think you can get out of this debt simply because you have no money, that's impossible, I don't care what you do but you have to produce the money!"

The man swallowed his pride and begged, "Believe me, I will not run away from this debt. I'll definitely return the money to you next week."

"Not going to happen. We must get the money today because you'll say the same thing next week!"

"That's right, if you don't pay up today, we'll drag both you and that crazy sister of yours to the police station!"

The word 'crazy' had struck a nerve.

The man took all the abuse silently but now there was force in his eyes as he retorted, "My sister is not crazy; she isn't!"

The middle-aged couple was unfazed.

The woman rebuked him sarcastically, "If she's not crazy then what is she? Everyone here knows she's a crazy! And crazies belong in a mental hospital not out here in public creating troubles for everyone else! If not for her, would my house have burned down? Just look at this place! It is out of the kindness of my heart that I rented it to you and how did you repay me? You almost burned it down! If I'd known your sister has a history of mental illness, I wouldn't have rented you this place!"

"My sister is not crazy," the man enunciated word by word. That was all he could do.

He was in the wrong for owing them money so he could only counter weakly as the two continued to pile the insults on him and his sister.

Truth be told, he was fine with all the verbal abuse directed at him. With a grit of his teeth, they would pass.

However, he couldn't stand it when they hurled their insults at his sister because she was his closest friend and family.

But the most he could do was refute lamely

Since the man put up such a weak resistance, the couple continued piling on and on. Their volume got higher and higher until it eventually reached deep into the house.

"Ah" Suddenly the eerie wailing of a woman issued from within.

The man instantly bolted into the house.

The middle-aged couple obviously weren't going to let this go. Their patience when it came to that crazy woman was wearing thin so when they heard her piercing scream, both of them lost it.

"Xiao Mo, get that crazy woman out here now! We're taking back this house and you're following us to the police station this instant!" The middle-aged man yelled as he rolled up his sleeves, intending to pull them out with force if need be.

"How much do they owe you?" Suddenly, a young male's voice behind him spoke lightly.

The middle-aged couple looked over their shoulder in curiosity and a sparklingly new Ferrari fell into their sight