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    Chapter 839 Her Mothers Design

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    Chapter 839: Her Mother's Design

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    The experts were mightily impressed after Xinghe explained the system. She managed to hack through such a complicated, incomprehensible system. Her ability was something beyond their comprehension. However, there was one question that was still on their mind.

    "Miss Xia, since He Lan Yuan knows all the technology follows the same system, he should have been alerted when you hacked the launch base computers. However, it did not seem like he was aware of that, why is that?"

    In fact, it did not seem like he was aware that Xinghe had taken the control away from him until it was already too late. That was the one conundrum that they could not solve.

    Xinghe's eyes darted around for a bit before answering, "My only explanation is that the system was not his to begin with. He is probably not very good with computers. After all, from our knowledge, he is only a scientist, not a computer expert."

    Comprehension dawned on them. "You are most likely correct. Looks like he has many impressive talents in his employment."

    "Alas, all those people were at his bidding, if only they would see the truth and side with justice. These are all great talents that can contribute a lot to humanity's progress."

    "Indeed. Hopefully, when the military reach the moon, these people will choose to surrender because we will accept them with open arms."

    "Miss Xia, I heard you are following them to the moon as well, is that true?" someone asked.

    Xinghe nodded. "Indeed, I will. Alright, that's all for today, I still have something else to attend to."

    Xinghe walked towards Mubai who was waiting by the door. As she got near, Mubai took her hand naturally as they both walked out.

    Outside, night was falling. The stars were twinkling; the starry night at Galaxy Control Centre that night was breathtakingly beautiful.

    Walking on the grassy knoll, even Xinghe could not stop herself from raising her head to take in the majestic view. Mubai asked her gently, "What's on your mind?"

    Xinghe replied, "I wonder how it is up there and whether she is still alive."

    Mubai knew who Xinghe was referring to. It was her mother, the second Shen miss.

    "She must still be alive. In this world, no one is more talented than her, with her talent, she will have found a way to survive."

    "Hopefully, you're right, but I am afraid He Lan Yuan will take revenge against her," Xinghe said solemnly.

    All the systems were designed by her mother, He Lan Yuan would most likely see through the ruse and make the connection. Xinghe was afraid He Lan Yuan would harm her mother after he found out about her identity.

    Mubai squeezed her hand and said, "I am sure she has come up with a back-up plan since she had the forethought to leave a fatal weakness in the system for you to find."

    Xinghe nodded and said with confidence, "Regardless, I must go up there and meet her personally."

    Mubai added, "I will follow you."

    "But your body"

    "Is fine," Mubai said with a smile. "I have the most powerful heart out of everyone in the world, I think no one is more qualified than me to go on this journey with you. Furthermore, I have done the necessary checking; my body is fine."

    "But the danger is still there," Xinghe said solemnly. They were going to the moon, there was no way of telling what kind of danger awaited them.

    She had personal reasons to go but she did not want him to follow her.

    Mubai retracted his smile and looked at her intently.