Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 82

Chapter 82 A Brief Window Of Peace

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Chapter 82: A Brief Window of Peace

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Instead of worrying how Mubai's indifference towards female companionship would affect her, Tianxin felt strangely at ease.

She harbored a rather twisted mindset, she would rather Mubai be uninterested in all women, including herself, than have him fall in love with another woman. It was an 'if I can't have him, no one can' kind of attitude.

Dusk had fallen when Xinghe stepped out of the hotel.

Xia Zhi drove over speedily and opened the door for her.

"Sis, are you alright?" He asked concernedly because he saw the commotion through the security monitor.

Xinghe relaxed into the passenger seat and responded calmly, "Zhi, I'm fine. Could you bring me to the fishing village by the Northern Pier?"

"Why are we going there?" Xia Zhi asked curiously.

"To look for someone!"

"Who?" Xia Zhi's brows furrowed deeper with confusion but he still headed the required direction.

Xinghe's eyes flashed in the dusk light as she said, "Someone who can take down Chui Ming."

Xia Zhi took in a surprised breath, he finally asked, "Sis, what exactly happened during the party?"

Even though Xia Zhi was monitoring the security feed, there was no sound so he could only guess what was happening through gestures and motions.

He was understandably incensed after Xinghe explained to him the whole fiasco.

"Do they even have hearts But Sis, what if Chui Ming means you physical harm since you humiliated them so publicly today?"

Xinghe replied calmly, "That's where you're wrong, it is because there was such a public confrontation that he wouldn't dare to harm me."

Xia Zhi looked at her with a questioning gaze.

Xinghe continued, "From what happened today, it confirms my suspicions that they couldn't wait to do me in. So, with or without the public disagreement, they will be coming for me. So, the public disagreement today is another set-up on my part. If anything is to happen to me within the next few weeks, the suspicion will fall squarely on Chui Ming. To avoid unnecessary trouble, Chui Ming will be forced to temporarily lay low. I believe he will only make his first move after his partnership with Xi Empire is cemented and signed. So, until then, we'll be safe. Or in other words, it's the perfect time for us to prepare and rest."

An impressed Xia Zhi exclaimed, "Wow, Sis, I didn't know you'd thought so far ahead! And you're right, Chui Ming wouldn't dare to make any rash moves, after all, you're the mother of Mubai's son. If anything bad befalls you, Xi Mubai will definitely be suspicious of him, and for Lin Lin's sake, cancel the partnership."

Yes, Xinghe had bet all her chips on this risky plan.

She had no way of telling whether the duo would come for her that day but Xinghe had bet on their arrogance and desire to destroy her. It paid off handsomely.

If the plan had failed, she would be forced into a defensive position, the steps she could take would be incredibly limited.

So, in a way, she was thankful Wushuang's enmity towards her was so strong that her plan could be pulled off without a hitch.

Now, it was the other party's turn to sweat because Xinghe had the upper hand.

Wu Rong, Xia Wushuang, and Chui Ming, beware because I am going to fry all of you at once!

"But sis, could we really mount a sufficient resistance or attack in this brief window of peace?" Xia Zhi asked with a heavy heart.

After all, Chui Ming was no pushover, plus he was signing a partnership with Xi Empire soon. Xinghe and her family had practically nothing so how could they possibly stand a chance?