Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Please Evacuate Immediately

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Chapter 816: Please Evacuate Immediately

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She was under the assumption that they had given up on the base, so why had they returned?

The leading officer immediately cleared up their confusion. The physically impressive, dignified soldier said without warmth, "Are all of you computer experts from Country R?"

"I suppose so." Xinghe nodded.

"Nice to meet you, I am Major George Alison. I am the newly appointed second in command for the United Nations' first technical unit. From now on, this base is now under my jurisdiction and no longer fall in Country R's territory. So, I'll have to ask you all to evacuate immediately, and you are not allowed to take anything away from premises," George said coldly, in an order-like manner.

Xinghe asked in return, "But you people have already investigated the area and have found nothing useful, right."

"We are different from them because my unit has the most powerful technical team. The results will be different after my team takes over."

"That is not necessary because I have already come up with the solution to hack through these systems. I can do that now," Xinghe said softly.

George looked at her with his sharp eye and asked with his eyebrows raised, "You have come up with the solution?"

"That's right." Xinghe nodded confidently.

George continued his interrogation, "How much confidence do you have?"

"At least 90 percent."

"90 percent is not 100 percent! If it is not 100 percent, then we cannot allow you to take this risk. The information in these computers are too important to be destroyed. Even if you had 99 percent confidence, I would not allow you to take this risk. The punishment for your failure will not be scary because the scary thing is you would have destroyed the information that is instrumental to us."

"Then I have 100 percent confidence," Xinghe said directly, her confidence completely intact. Alas, George did not believe her already this time, if anything, he did not believe her from the very beginning.

He smirked coldly. "I am sorry Miss, but you give me no confidence. I will give you all one minute to evacuate this premise, do not make me order my men to throw you out."

"If we really can undo the defense system, isn't what you're doing a waste of time?" Mubai asked in a demanding voice.

George said condescendingly, "You are basing everything on an if. Similarly, if you destroy all the information here, are you going to be responsible for the destruction of the whole world and the whole of humanity"

"We will know whether we are capable or not after a try and I am more than willing to stake my life on such a huge responsibility," Xinghe replied clearly.

George scoffed with derision after hearing her. "You might want to die but I don't wish to. Since I am taking over this base, I have to be responsible for everything that happens here, and the fact is I do not trust any of you so please leave immediately. You still have half a minute left to leave quietly or else be prepared to face the wrath of the military."

"How can you act like this?" Ali countered with great dissatisfaction. "We already told you can resolve this issue, so why can't you trust us? Do you know who she is? She is more capable than your whole team combined. If she cannot hack this system, then no one in this world can! Only Xinghe can crack this system!"

"Is that so? Unfortunately, I have not heard of this little miss before," George said rudely, his meaning was clear. He did not recognize Xinghe, so no matter how capable they said she was, he would not believe her.

"Then we can only say your ignorance is showing!" Sam commented snidely in return.