Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Their Hell

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Chapter 790: Their Hell!
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Deqing's eyes were the widest they had ever been. Fear was apparent in them. However, Xinghe did not go easy on him because of this. She stared at him coldly. She made sure he was staring at the syringe stuck in his arm before she pressed the drug slowly into his bloodstream. Her action was glacially slow in his eyes

These few seconds were like the most horrible torture for Deqing. The terror in his eyes continued to multiply. The muscles in his body were as taut as iron. His heart almost stopped, he was almost literally scared to death.

When all the drugs were pushed into his body, the terror scale for Deqing was at its maximum. His eyes went blank and his whole body started to spasm unnaturally. Sam and Ali quickly released him. Deqing crumbled to the floor in a gyrating state and there were white foam coming out of his mouth.

"Epilepsy?" Sam commented with derision and sarcasm.

"He was too frightened that his body could not handle it," Lu Qi explained. Even though he was a doctor, watching such a demon get punished did make him feel good.

Ali launched another kick at Deqing to release her tension. "He deserves it! How come he is not afraid when he ordered those kids killed but is so afraid now? Such a loser."

"You, you" Deqing suddenly pushed out his hands and glared at them with hatred. He only managed to get out these few words before his body was struck by more spasms and his hands fell limp from lack of energy. He realized he was too weak to move or even speak. I am really going to become a vegetable, aren't I? It can't be

Deqing tried his best to stand up but it was like his body was frozen solid. He could not move even a finger even if he tried. Deqing then knew the true meaning of fear. He communicated his request for help with his eyes to Xinghe's group. There were tears flowing freely out of his eyes, but they merely looked on quietly.

"Get him back onto the bed, he can no longer move on his own," Lu Qi said. Sam and Ali pulled him up and tossed him roughly onto the bed.

They ignored Deqing's suffering and turned to Xinghe. "Xinghe, what shall we do next?"

After dealing with Deqing, they wanted to ride the high and deal with the other hell spawns.

Xinghe smirked. "Next, we will turn this place into real hell, but it will be their hell!"

Ali cheered. "Then, let's get a move on!"

Xinghe did not like to drag things out, since the plan had already started then she would prefer to wrap it up as soon as possible!

Tonight, she would let these people understand the meaning of karma. Everyone who was touched by sin would have to pay, no one was getting away scot-free!

Those sinners in quarantine had no idea what kind of hell was waiting for them. Xinghe would not show any sympathy to these people. It was the same for Ali's group. They barged into each quarantine room and gave these people injections.

The drugs they were given were different from the one administered to Deqing. This second type of drug would only exacerbate their illness, it would not claim their lives. They would live to experience every second of the illness' torture.

For the children, Xinghe's group gave them a kind of liquid medicine. They would show symptoms of fever and fainting spells, but it would not harm their physical body in any way.