Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 78

Chapter 78 That Was How She Fell

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Chapter 78: That Was How She Fell!

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The unadulterated malevolence in Chui Ming's voice cast a pall over the crowd. The room went silent.

They understood his anger.

Xinghe was trying to argue her way out of her culpability with the fake threat of having 'proof', it was the cheapest trick in the book and thus the room was reasonably siding with Chui Ming.

If Xinghe had admitted her mistake and apologized sincerely since the beginning, Chui Ming wouldn't be hounding her so hard. This was what the crowd thought.

Little did they know, no matter what kind of attitude Xinghe showed, Chui Ming didn't plan to let her off easy.

Like a panther out on the prowl, Chui Ming stared at Xinghe like he was looking at his prey.

Xia Xinghe has to die!

Or at the very least, ruined until she had no chance at a comeback!

Chui Ming got where he was professionally because he had no conscience. He had ruined many lives for the sake of business deals. He never found difficulty sleeping at night.

Therefore, Xinghe would have to pay severely that day even if she had Xi Mubai behind her.

Xinghe was, of course, not clueless to his hidden intention. Even Mubai had correctly guessed it.

He narrowed his eyes, interested to see how Xinghe would turn this around.

She'd better not disappoint him.

"Alright then, here is the proof!" Xinghe announced confidently. Under everyone's watchful eyes, she removed a pen recorder from her purse with a dramatic flourish.

Wushuang's face blanched immediately.

The b*tch brings a freaking pen recorder to a kid's birthday party

Even Chui Ming was surprised.

Xinghe savored their reactions with a smile before pressing the play button

Wushuang's bitter voice immediately reverberated across the ballroom.

[Xia Xinghe, it has been such a long time. Who would have thought you could still make a pointless effort for a comeback? Not me, obviously. Honestly though, I am truly glad for you. I'm impressed actually. Not any woman]

Everyone present did a double-take as Wushuang's voice continued to flow from the recorder.

Wushuang stared at the pen recorder with bulging eyes, she had half a mind to leap forward to snatch it.

But she was frozen in both shock and humiliation.

Chui Ming also discovered something was wrong when Xinghe pulled out the recorder. He made an immediate move but suddenly

He felt an imposing presence washed over him. He turned to its source and saw Mubai staring at him with deep and impressive eyes. He was stunned into immobility.

With Mubai staring him down, he didn't dare to behave wantonly.

His previous aggression was warranted because he was the victim, but now that Xinghe produced the evidence, he believed Mubai would definitely intervene if he acted out of line.

Furthermore, there were many other distinguished guests at the party.

He understood instinctually that the scale has tipped

Wushuang, in her paralysis, didn't notice the side-eye Chui Ming tossed her.

In that moment, even before the recorder finished playing, Chui Ming had come to a decision, which was to cut her loose! He was going to prop her up as the sacrifice.

[No worries, I have a plan ready to destroy you. Can you tell what it is?] In the recording, Wushuang's voice dropped to vicious whisper. When they heard the question, everyone could feel their skin crawl.

Then came Xinghe's calm reply, [I do not, but do tell.]

After that, Wushuang's tone had a dramatic shift. It was like she was doing vocal acrobatic.

[Sis, please don't get mad at me. It's all my fault, sis, please forgive me]

It was followed by her ear-splitting scream.

Everyone remembered this was the moment when the room saw her fall.

So, this was how she 'fell' in the first place!

It was Wushuang who hated and was envious of Xinghe, not the other way around. She put on a whole show to frame Xinghe!