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    Chapter 742 Sending Them Back

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    Chapter 742: Sending Them Back
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    The Chui family was informed of the fact that Chui Ying had crossed the Shen family. The president personally notified them of this and in a very friendly manner, suggested having his men escort her back home. The Chui family knew this was a front to deport Chui Ying. They had no issue with this. Chui Ying was reluctant, but there was nothing she could do.

    The reason for sending He Bin back was fixed as well. The official record stated that he was detained at the airport for acting suspiciously. He was very uncooperative during the investigation, so they had no choice but to deport him back to Country R. There was no mention of his connection to the He Lan family. This was to give He Lan Chang the impression that he was still in control.

    Whether He Bin would come clean after he returned was his prerogative. Xinghe was not afraid that he would tell He Lan Chang everything, but she believed he would not do that, at least not so soon, because she had personally talked with him about it.

    "We will not reveal the fact that you have been exposed to the He Lan family, so you can return to them without fear. Of course, if you want to come clean to He Lan Chang, it will be fine for us as well since we are planning to come after them eventually anyway. However, I advise you to think twice before doing that, because who knows, you might need to cooperate with us in the future," Xinghe told him in a meaningful way.

    He Bin's mouth was stretched to a thin line. He did not say a word and his face was unreadable.

    Xinghe did not stay to wait for his answer. She reminded him before she left, "One more thing, you have to be careful because hiding the truth from them will put you at risk. He Lan Chang will definitely get suspicious due to the fact that you got deported so soon. If he suspects you have turned against him and sided with us, then he will not forgive you. Of course, that is your decision to make."

    "Are you unafraid that I will blab everything to them the moment I return?" He Bin suddenly asked in a whisper.

    Xinghe smiled lightly. "Even if you did not tell them anything, they would have guessed as much. Now, our feud with them has been brought to the surface. Of course, I doubt they will come after me publicly, but on the other hand, I do not think they will ever consider assassinating me."

    He Bin then realized what kind of identity Xinghe carried on her. She was visiting Country R as Hwa Xia's honored guest. If anything happened to her at Country R, it would become an international disaster. It would be even more difficult for harm to come to her at Hwa Xia. No matter how influential the He Lan family was, doing anything at Hwa Xia would be difficult, much less arranging an assassination.

    No wonder she was so unafraid. Furthermore, this woman could hold her own against the He Lan family; she was cautious, capable and spirited. She was not one bit afraid of the He Lan family. For some reason, it cropped up in He Bin's mind that perhaps it was the He Lan family's misfortune that they came up against her.

    "We have not arrived at Country R yet, so you still have time to think. It is your choice whether to choose to work with us or take a risk on your own. Think hard about it and give me an answer before we land." Xinghe parted with this valuable advice.

    In the end, He Bin's answer was unchanged. He refused to cooperate with them. After all, He Lan Chang was his father. Until he made clear of everything, he would not betray him so easily. However, he was touched by the kindness that Xinghe had shown him. She did not sell him out to the He Lan family, and subconsciously, he did not want to do the same to her. Perhaps, he should do some of his own investigation first

    On the plane, other than He Bin, there was also Chui Ying.

    The treatment between the two was completely different. Chui Ying was treated so nicely like she was a princess.

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