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    Chapter 737 Failed From The Beginning

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    Chapter 737: Failed from the Beginning
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    The elderly man's dark eyes were sharp and cold, his lips curved into a mysterious smile. However, his voice that came out was surprisingly young. "Don't move, or I'll shoot."

    At that moment, Ah Bin knew he had walked into a trap!

    He was trying to figure out a way to fight back when three more men rushed into the room with guns pointing at him!

    When Ah Bin saw their faces, his heart dropped because he had seen them before, at the restaurant next to the orphanage. They were the workers in suits and the man quarrelling with his girlfriend. They were all in disguise

    He had been found out from the very beginning!

    When Ah Bin was detained, he couldn't believe he was discovered so early in his operation and was already captured!

    "Who are you people" Ah Bin asked in equal part shock and anger.

    "You are investigating me, but you have no clue who we are?"

    A woman's voice that came from the door answered him.

    Xinghe and Mubai walked into the room, and behind them were Ali and a few other people. When Ah Bin saw them, he was baffled. "How did you know I was investigating you?"

    He had hidden his tracks well, that day was the first day he tailed her so how could he have been found out so easily? He couldn't believe the reality that he was exposed so easily. Furthermore, when he returned, he didn't spot any cars following him, so how did they find him there?

    This was all too unreal!

    Xinghe smiled coolly. "Because I've been waiting for you."

    "What do you mean by that?" Ah Bin was dumbfounded.

    This time it was Mubai who answered him. His voice carried the presence and arrogance of a king, "The meaning's simple. From the very beginning, this was a trap waiting for you people to walk into."

    "And you people didn't disappoint. They sent you to investigate me," Xinghe added.

    Comprehension dawned for Ah Bin. They were purposely luring the He Lan family into investigating them. However, he still didn't get one thing, how did they discover him and manage to follow him back to his hideout?

    "Who told you about my mission?" Ah Bin asked with a deep frown.

    Xinghe explained slowly, "No one did, but I noticed you through our surveillance, so we placed a tracker under your car."

    "What?" This was another shock for Ah Bin. Even those schoolchildren were part of the trap

    For some reason, Ah Bin felt like laughing. He thought he was so good, quietly cornering his prey, but all along, he was the prey!

    This was probably the biggest failure of a mission he had ever been on in his life, and it failed from the very beginning! A failure that couldn't be salvaged.

    Ah Bin had a hard time accepting this truth and disbelief was plain on his face

    However, he couldn't deny the reality especially when they tied him up.

    "Search his body and every single corner of the room. Turn the house upside down, I want to see how much of the He Lan family's criminal proof we can find," Xinghe ordered and the group of men started to mobilize.

    Ah Bin started to get anxious. There were quite a few pieces of He Lan family's information on him, it was over if they were discovered!

    However, he could do nothing as he watched his phone being taken away. He wanted to struggle but several guns were pointing right at him; he didn't dare move abruptly. His luggage and his computer were all laid out in the open.

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