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    Chapter 717 Go Thank Your Grandfather

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    Chapter 717: Go Thank Your Grandfather
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    They not only set themselves apart from the crowd with their looks, even the aura surrounding them was different. It was a presence from innate confidence, so instead of saying the room was attracted to them, they were bent over by their powerful and unique presence.

    Even Tong Yan and Chui Ying's first response when they saw them was bewilderment. However, that quickly turned into deep envy and resentment!

    As fellow women, they were envious of Xinghe's looks and the gorgeous man she had by her side. This was because they didn't have a date with them!

    Chui Ying did have someone who she could have asked to accompany her, but he was not in the country. Thankfully, she wasn't the main character that night or she might have lost it just like Tong Yan. She was supposed to be the main character that night, but her existence was completely overshadowed by Xinghe. How could she not be angry?

    "Ying Ying, can your plan really work?" Tong Yan asked with resentment.

    Chui Ying nodded as her eyes scanned Xinghe coldly. "Of course, the Shen family owes us a big favor; they will do anything I tell them do."

    "Perfect! Tonight, I want to make that b*tch be the night's biggest laughing stock!" Tong Yan glared viciously at Xinghe, she already couldn't wait to start their plan.

    Shen Ru, who stood beside her, consoled, "Little Yan, don't get too ahead of yourself. We need to do this according to plan."

    "I understand." Tong Yan nodded.

    Shen Ru smiled and said, "Go on then, go and thank your grandfather."

    Tong Yan took a deep breath, offered a presentable smile, and walked towards the stage. When she got on stage, the room quieted down again, waiting to see what she was going to do.

    Tong Yan's eyes scanned the crowd and she subconsciously mimicked the way Xinghe carried herself and said, "Good evening, I, Tong Yan, would like to thank everyone for taking precious time to attend my birthday party. First, I have to inform everyone, the focus of this party is not to celebrate my birthday but to thank the Shen family for everything they have done and contributed to my mother and myself. I'm sure everyone has heard about everything that has happened. My mother and I are victims ourselves because we didn't expect such an accident to happen. This is such a pain in both of our hearts, but we feel the sorriest towards the Shen family!

    "Grandfather, even though you're the only one who came today, I still wish to represent my mother to say that we're sorry and thank you! Thank you for your years of love and care, we will remember your kindness for as long as we live!"

    Tong Yan choked on her tears as she went through her speech. Some in the crowd started to cry with her. Elder Shen sat in his chair and listened attentively to Tong Yan's words. His eyes were glistening; it was obvious that he too was touched.

    At that moment, everyone thought Elder Shen would be moved by Tong Yan and reaccept Tong Yan and Shen Ru and the birthday party would become a touching reunion. However, what happened next shocked everyone.

    After Tong Yan finished her speech, she walked down the stage and towards Elder Shen. Under everyone's gaze, she suddenly knelt before him!